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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Lots of good books with advice on how to be an effective father are available at bookstores.
▪ The map, published by Reel Map Co., costs $ 6. 95 and is available in bookstores.
▪ These and many alternatives are available at most bookstores.
▪ Titles are available at bookstores and recreation outfitters.
▪ For them, this book and the array of other resources available in bookstores and workshop programs will have to suffice.
▪ Anne is a sprightly young woman who works in the local bookstore.
▪ Hillary Clinton visited Boca Raton Thursday to promote her book at a local bookstore.
▪ I go wandering into bookstores for several nights.
▪ Aspirants and aficionados alike ought to be queuing up outside bookstores to lay hands on it.
▪ Dress up nice and meet me at the bookstore at two.
▪ I try and meet the intellectual types at bookstores, but all the attractive men tend to congregate in the porno sections.
▪ The $ 9. 95 guides are sold at bookstores or can be ordered by calling 1-800-222-3602.
▪ The books retail for $ 22. 95 each and are available at major Bay Area bookstores and discount outlets.
▪ They are made available directly to you - with no bookstore mark-up and no distribution excesses.
▪ This superbly organized 224-page publication is available or can be ordered at bookstores.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bookstore \Book"store`\, n. A store where books are kept for sale; -- called in England a bookseller's shop.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1763, from book (n.) + store (n.).


alt. A store where books are bought and sold. n. A store where books are bought and sold.


n. a shop where books are sold [syn: bookshop, bookstall]

Usage examples of "bookstore".

Ted made periodic visits to this particular bookstore, where he routinely autographed however many copies of his backlist titles were in stock.

Darla McDaniels owns Bluebonnet Books, the only independent, full-service bookstore between Austin and San Antonio.

So, while you guys are drinking and carousing, I will be in the occult bookstore and scanning the shelves at the Botanica to get answers.

Negro businesspeople in Pittsburgh who owned a stationery and bookstore, a photography gallery, a loan company, a real estate company, and an insurance company.

Ann Cymba Quality Paperback edition ISBN 0-7433-0900-6 is available on line, or can be ordered in all major bookstores.

In the same mall was an outlet of Deseret Books, part of a Church-owned bookstore chain that sold only faith-promoting literature.

Mary wanted to take a quick look at the Laurentian University bookstore before they headed down to the portal.

His bookstore, at a central situation by the Park, with works of taste classically displayed, afforded an admirable lounge for the litterateurs of that day.

John Carter on Mars novels of the 1920s through the Captain Future epics of a couple of decades later, and on through the kind of highly commercial multivolume stuff that floods the bookstores today.

He looked, in the fluorescent lights of the bookstore, pastier than ever.

Accepting such an analysis sounds like the height of simplemindedness, and yet it is an analysis that you, and I, and both those who claim to love and those who claim to hate science fiction make, or at least accede to, every time we shop in a bookstore.

Chain bookstores are especially notorious, partly because of their business structure.

Many independent bookstores have developed systems to keep track of inventory, however.

Also, many independent bookstores loan employees books so that the employees can read and recommend things.

A book can be nonpromoted, treated with indifference by the publisher and therefore found in no bookstores, and sell no more than a few hundred copies.