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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Albert's father was a bookmaker and they were partners in the business.
▪ Most experts agree that the Wire Act targets bookmakers, not bettors.
▪ The bookmaker told Kalra he had befriended Cronje and was planning to fix the matches scheduled to be held in March.
▪ The bookmakers were sending him off at five-to-one.
▪ We've teamed-up with top bookmakers William Hill, and the two winners will each have £200 of free bets.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bookmaker \Book"mak`er\, n.

  1. One who writes and publishes books; especially, one who gathers his materials from other books; a compiler.

  2. (Horse Racing) A betting man who ``makes a book.'' See To make a book, under Book, n.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also book-maker, 1510s, "printer and binder of books," from book (n.) + agent noun from make (v.). The wagering sense is from 1862. Related: Book-making (late 15c., betting sense 1824).


n. 1 A person who prints or binds books 2 A person (or a business) who calculates odds and accepts bets, especially on horse racing; a bookie

  1. n. a maker of books; someone who edits or publishes or binds books

  2. a gambler who accepts and pays off bets (especially on horse races) [syn: bookie]


A bookmaker, bookie, or turf accountant is an organization that, or a person who, takes bets on sporting and other events at agreed-upon odds.

Usage examples of "bookmaker".

Abe Bernstein through his contacts was also able to get bookmakers in New York, Cincinnati, and Chicago to give sworn affidavits that they had been on the phone with Ray Bernstein and Keywell taking bets at the time that the massacre was taking place.

None of the people I met in that violent, water-logged town were inclined to introduce me to a reliable bookmaker -- and the people I called on both coasts, several hours before the game on Sunday morning, seemed unnaturally nervous when I asked them to use their own credit to guarantee my bets with their local bookies.

Now Unser Fritz steps up to another sad-looking bookmaker by the name of Pete Phozzler and whispers in his ear, and Pete also shakes his head, and after we leave him I look back and see that Pete is standing up on his stool watching Unser Fritz and still shaking his head.

I nudge him and motion at Willie, and ask him if he does not notice that Willie is another bookmaker, and Unser Fritz says he notices him all right, but that he does not care to offer him any business because Willie insults him ten years ago.

Maynard Allardeck was there and he said not to worry, he would introduce me to his own bookmaker instead.

Terrence Dunnemore, who now seemed more of a bookmaker than a casino owner.

Dipisa and several of his men held up a Detroit bookmaker named Jacob Fricker.

Detectives were ordered to bring in any bookmaker who would admit to being approached.

The Purple Gang defense team was even able to get an affidavit from a Detroit bookmaker named Jacob Silverman.

All that time the Detroit bookmaker had been in hiding, still fearing a gangster execution for witnessing the Collingwood Massacre.

I know how much the woman whose horse I rode today paid to have him photographed for the Christmas cards she sent last year, and how much a bookmaker gave for his Rolls, and thousands and thousands of similar harmless facts.

He began in his easy charming way to introduce his guest of the evening, a prominent bookmaker, and his topic of the evening, the mathematics involved in making a book.

So The Lemon Drop Kid puts the C note in his pants pocket, and walks around and about until the horses are going to the post, and you must not think there is anything dishonest in his not betting this money with a bookmaker, as The Lemon Drop Kid is only taking the bet himself, which is by no means unusual, and in fact it is so common that only guys like Cap Duhaine and his sleuths think much about it.

Unser Fritz winds up the day betting two thousand more on something called Sharp Practice, and when Sharp Practice wins by so far it looks as if he is a shoo-in, Fritz finds himself with over twelve thousand slugs, and the way the bookmakers in the betting ring are sobbing is really most distressing to hear.

In fact, this is considered so reasonable that everybody starts running at the bookmakers all at once, and the bookmakers can see if this keeps up they may get knocked off their stools in the betting ring and maybe seriously injured, so they make Cara Mia 1 to 6, and out, as quickly as possible to halt the rush and give them a chance to breathe.