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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
an instruction booklet/leaflet/sheet
▪ The washing machine comes with an instruction leaflet.
▪ The Department of the Environment produces free booklets on planning permission, enforcement, appeals and compulsory purchase.
▪ Watercress: make use of homegrown crops with a free recipe booklet.
▪ You can also ask them for their three FREE booklets on energy saving.
▪ This new booklet will tell you how.
▪ A new booklet Guidance for Students with Special Needs is currently available from the above address.
▪ The newer booklet takes a hands-on approach and progresses in a far more appropriate manner.
▪ Nopw the National Osteoporosis Society has produced this new information booklet.
▪ Re-Solv plans to distribute 700,000 copies of a new booklet to shops and businesses throughout the country.
▪ Procedure Each subject was given a booklet consisting of seven pages.
▪ The Department of the Environment produces free booklets on planning permission, enforcement, appeals and compulsory purchase.
▪ To commemorate the move, the accountancy firm, Peat Marwick, has produced a booklet of budget trivia.
▪ The Trust has produced a very good booklet which costs £1 to everyone except Daily Mirror readers.
▪ Nopw the National Osteoporosis Society has produced this new information booklet.
▪ Fourth-year juniors can produce project booklets for first or second-year juniors.
▪ Beauty without cruelty has produced a booklet that proves you can look great whatever your age.
▪ The unit plans to produce a health information booklet for all women in the region.
▪ A number of local societies publish booklets which may be classified as mini-dictionaries.
▪ The Yorkshire Sculpture Park is publishing a booklet with interviews with the artist.
▪ When he published a small booklet last year offering advice on choosing a last name, it sold out immediately.
▪ They publish leaflets, booklets and videos and know about local agencies who can help.
▪ Some large chains of supermarkets publish booklets on calorie, fat, and fibre content of their foods.
▪ The Bank is wooing retail investors; it has just published a booklet on the virtues of gilts.
▪ But I must admit that I read the booklet with some reserve.
▪ Thank you for reading this booklet.
▪ Didn't he read Silvio Berlusconi's booklet about his endless virtues, sent to potential supporters?
▪ After reading this booklet you may feel that you need more information or some extra help.
▪ We then cross-tabulated status as thus categorized against whether or not teachers had seen the booklet and found our assumption to be correct.
▪ This question went on to ask respondents whether they had seen the booklet, or any part of it.
▪ It is with the perceptions of those teachers who claimed to have seen the booklet that this part is concerned.
▪ Within hours Dar al-Ba'ath had sent the booklet to the Beirut press.
▪ Eight women sent away for instruction booklets, pliers, beads, crosses and hundreds of feet of wire.
▪ One of the card companies even sent me a separate booklet for the New York-New Jersey area.
▪ They should send booklets out to people.
▪ Having actually used the booklet reinforces this positive attitude.
▪ Annie Garnett wrote three booklets: Handspinning, 1896.
▪ These frontline soldiers are cheap, disposable small fry attached to writing pads, booklets, and smart Post-it notes.
▪ a booklet on AIDS
▪ Information booklet on your chosen resort, including a guide to the principal places of interest.
▪ It is a booklet of practical ideas from lecturers and trainers and aims to encourage trainees to develop their personal effectiveness.
▪ The booklet notes by Jan Smaczny are informative.
▪ The project has produced a booklet based on research in selected London boroughs and other areas of the country.
▪ The Yorkshire Sculpture Park is publishing a booklet with interviews with the artist.
▪ These booklets and associated worksheets were used in conjunction with class visits where the librarian gave an introduction to the library.
▪ This authority also often gave details absent from others' booklets.
▪ With most airlines, the booklets contain four coupons, each good for a one-way flight.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Booklet \Book"let\, n. A little book.
--T. Arnold.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1859, from book (n.) + diminutive ending -let.


n. A small, or thin book, such as the one found with audio CDs.


n. a small book usually having a paper cover [syn: brochure, folder, leaflet, pamphlet]


Booklet may refer to:

  • A small book or group of pages
  • A type of tablet computer
  • Postage stamp booklet, made up of one or more small panes of postage stamps in a cardboard cover
  • Liner notes, writings found in booklets which come inserted into the compact disc or DVD jewel case or the equivalent packaging for vinyl records and cassettes
  • Digital booklet, the digital equivalent of liner notes that often accompany digital music purchases
  • Nokia Booklet 3G, a netbook computer
  • Programme (booklet), available for patrons attending a live events

Usage examples of "booklet".

First I would cut small sheets of paper from a notebook -- the paper had to be glossy -- and these were folded in two to make a booklet, which I bound using a special method.

Naturally all the blank pages also had a perforated line so they could be torn from the booklet and presented.

It is easy to describe now, but how very far I was from the Center then, inching my way as a conscientious and humble scribe, medieval calligrapher, patient as an ant over my uppercase and lowercase letters, not knowing how or when my incunabula would cross the line from booklet to Book, or how or when the scribbler would become a writer, the copyist an artist!

I remember a booklet I prepared for an inspector extraordinary and plenipotentiary.

The actual preparation of the booklet only took four days, plus one more day was used in checking press proofs, and then the wait began.

Ridgeson had called, asking for background and clarification on some points, and a copy of the rough draft of the booklet had been sent to him.

Still, when he realized how many thousands of copies of the booklet were being printed and shipped all over the world, the finality of it all almost came as a disappointment to him.

Lexus creed in the front of the booklet, and its presence gave him a more comfortable feeling.

One man - Hitler says he did not catch his name - came leaping after him and pressed a little booklet into his hands.

Hitler turned to a perusal of the booklet which Drexler had thrust into his hands.

He fumbled with two fingers in the breast pocket of his warmsuit, felt the small booklet he had made up before leaving and pulled it out.

The booklet was caught crossways against the unevenness of the rock sides.

Meisha Merlin and that there were several shorter works already in booklet form.

His work should have permanent value in the literature of war psychology, but he only undertakes to expose German lies, and in his 72-paged booklet he proves to the hilt the charges made in this work.

Then someone suggested: why not put the poem into booklet form as a free gift of Ward customers the following Christmas?