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n. (alternative spelling of boo-boo English)

Usage examples of "booboo".

They were pretty faint and probably just because we were close to Booboo.

I suggested that he would be more trouble to Soulcatcher than Booboo ever could.

We did not need Goblin and Booboo getting any brilliant notions about improving their mobility.

Still down, Booboo was not radiating enough “love me” to disrupt their ability to fight.

But before they ran they had to argue about how to manage it and who should be in charge after they succeeded and then they kept bickering until they wasted most of the time when the rest of us were diverted first by Soulcatcher and then by Booboo.

We did not have even one carpet since Booboo knocked Howler and Tobo down.

Realist and pragmatist though she was, she nevertheless nurtured a blind bit of self-delusion wherein she would turn Booboo around.

They’re turning out every bit as blackhearted as we ever wanted our Booboo to be.

We might be just hours from our final accounting with the traitor Mogaba and only minutes longer from collecting Booboo and extinguishing the hope of the Deceivers.

Then I recalled that he had seen Booboo a few times before and those women have a way of getting under your skin without ever trying.

He did not ask for help so I stood back with Aridatha and Arkana, insides turning over, awaiting my first glimpse of Booboo.

Meantime, we need somebody to crawl into that hole and collect up all of Booboo’s scribblings.

It was another day and I still had not gotten started with Booboo and the Khadidas.

Lady’s violent reaction to Booboo could have been caused by fear leaking through from the Goddess.

Doing her absolute best to remain totally silent she dropped to her knees beside Booboo’s right rocker, out of sight behind the girl’s right ear but with her face so close Booboo might be able to feel the warmth of her presence.