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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
boob tube
man boobs
a nose/boob job
▪ He may have had a nose job at Edith Piaf's request, but that was a long time ago.
▪ If I hung around here any longer, it would all go on a nose job for Emily Quigley.
▪ Jackson must've been under the effects of the anaesthetic after a nose job to come out with something so bad.
▪ Not only is she incredibly slim, she's also allegedly had a nose job to improve her looks.
▪ Tries to put her best face forward, even if it means a nose job.
the boob tube
▪ What's on the boob tube?
▪ We labelled the pictures with the wrong names, but the boob was spotted by one of our readers.
▪ Whoops! I think I've made a booboo.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

boob \boob\ v. to commit a faux pas or fault.

Syn: sin, commit an offence, blunder, goof.


boob \boob\ n.

  1. an ignorant or foolish person.

    Syn: dumbbell, dummy, dope, booby, pinhead.

  2. a female breast. [informal or vulgar]

    Syn: breast, bosom, knocker, tit, titty.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"stupid person," 1909, American English slang, perhaps from booby.


n. 1 (context informal pejorative English) idiot, fool. 2 (context slang English) A breast, especially that of a human adult or adolescent female. vb. 1 To behave stupidly; to act like a boob. 2 (context informal intransitive English) To make a mistake

  1. n. an ignorant or foolish person [syn: dumbbell, dummy, dope, booby, pinhead]

  2. either of two soft fleshy milk-secreting glandular organs on the chest of a woman [syn: breast, bosom, knocker, tit, titty]


v. commit a faux pas or a fault or make a serious mistake; "I blundered during the job interview" [syn: sin, blunder, goof]


Boob or Boobs may refer to:

  • The Boob, a film by William Wellman
  • Boobs! The Musical, a revue by Ruth Wallis
  • Breast, part of the chest, especially that of a woman

Usage examples of "boob".

After a while he thought of a scantily clad woman with enormous breasts bazooms boobs titties.

The Church must go, it is the haven of the booboisie, of boobs and bounders and all Brummagem mountebanks.

In any event, Willis Baxter, while at some times a bit of a Milquetoast and at others something of a bookish boob, lived in the modern day and age and was not a hypocrite.

The Absentminded Bumbling Bookish Boob a Bit Too Frequent in His Use of the Sauce.

So, although he may yet be a bit of a bumbler, something of a bookish boob, a man given to a bit too much drinking, and still a klutz much top humanly prone to err, let us keep sight of the fact that he is learning something of the verities of Life-for he is, above all, a man of good intentions.

Here she was in a suburban shopping center, being so disgustingly human-and loving it because it was what that absentminded, alcoholic, bookish boob with chalk dust on his hands wanted of her.

Both of them, hand in hand, or he alone, the chump, the boob, the easy mark who got this sort of thing wished on him!

The pair collided but combined their momentum right into Xiao Fei as she was ducking around the vamp girl with the big boobs.

We take our time, enjoying the weepy faces, the naked boobs flopping past the laps, the pretty, squirming red fannies, and the feet fluttering heels-up at each smack.

I cast a glance or two at the giant pictures of zoftig girls with silicone boobs, Carol Doda and The Persian Lamb who chained herself to the Golden Gate Bridge rather than leave her husband -- all coming at me from the fronts of tourist traps, Topless Joints with fat Filipino barkers dragging in the customers out for a score or at least a hard-on.

Some of his more witty mastectomy patients referred to the procedure as a boob job and a tummy tuck at the same time.

Lula was wearing a skin-tight pink stretchy T-shirt with sexy written across her boobs in silver sequins.

The Church must go, it is the haven of the booboisie, of boobs and bounders and all Brummagem mountebanks.

I despised him, a low person, a boob of limited vocabulary, unable to express his own thoughts, however nasty, except through the brummagem medium of foul language.

He knows this shorty-short skirt, these big casaba boobs, they drive a real woman wild.