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Bonhomme may refer to:

  • Bonhommes, a number of religious orders
  • Bonhomme (surname)
  • Bonhomme, the ambassador of the Quebec City Winter Carnival and Ryerson University Frost Week
  • Bonhomme, a name used for the heretical Albigensian sect's Elect Parfait
  • The song, 'Bonhomme', by the French singer-songwriter and poet, Georges Brassens
  • Le Bonhomme, a village and commune in the Haut-Rhin département of north-eastern France
  • Bonhomme Richard (disambiguation), several meanings
Bonhomme (surname)

Bonhomme is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Jacques Bonhomme, real name Guillaume Cale, leader of the Jacquerie peasant revolt in 1358
  • Mandy Bonhomme, voice actress
  • Paul Bonhomme (born 1964), an English aerobatics and commercial airliner pilot and owner / race pilot of TEAM BONHOMME
  • Tessa Bonhomme, Canadian ice hockey player
  • Tim Bonhomme, Canadian musician

Usage examples of "bonhomme".

Darius Bonhomme slowly paddled the jon boat along the lazy current of the Loxahatchee River.

Two days ago, Bonhomme had stood in the lavish office of the Chairman of the Loxahatchee River District, Bennett Caldwell.

Caldwell was a little afraid of Bonhomme, wary of the scarred, rawboned trapper whom he only summoned in dire emergencies.

This thing seemed to be a nocturnal hunter, so Bonhomme decided it would be wise to bivouac in an enclosed structure this night.

The little girl looked up at Bonhomme, her swollen face wet with tears.

Darkness was slowly creeping into the cabin, so Bonhomme turned on a battery operated lantern hanging from the cabin wall.

Van Dusen chuckled lowly as Bonhomme quickly secured the front door and lowered the steel hurricane shutters to protect the windows.

Trigger finger relaxed, Bonhomme grinned and laid the shotgun across his broad shoulder.

Swirling thunderheads shrouded a blood red moon and Bonhomme could see a flash of movement out of the corner of his eye in the inky darkness.

The shotgun somersaulted into the screaming wind as Van Dusen plowed into Bonhomme, knocking him from his feet.

Somewhere, Bonhomme thought he heard Nahimana whimper, and he tried in vain to go to her.

Rochechouart, dit le bonhomme Jadis, mais alors nous sommes voisins, mademoiselle.

I explained what Red Tail had told me about the camp on Bonhomme Island.

Dryad nor anything resembling the Dryad except in the possession of two masts, but a genuine flyer, long and narrow, with a very fine entry, towering masts and a bowsprit of extraordinary length with a triple dolphin-striker, the Bonhomme Richard, that well-known blockade-runner.

De piller et manger le bonhomme Qui de longtemps Jacques bonhomme Se nomme.