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a. (alternative spelling of bony English)


adj. having bones especially many or prominent bones; "a bony shad fillet"; "her bony wrist" [syn: bony] [ant: boneless]


Boney is a slang term for someone who is skinny, or lacks fat. It also has several other uses:

  • "Boney" was often what the British called Napoleon Bonaparte, it being both short and displaying a certain lack of respect. Boneys referred to the French military under Napoleon, as in Thomas Hardy's The Trumpet-Major.
  • Boney (TV series) was an Australian television series, based on the character Bony, created by Arthur Upfield
  • Boney James is a popular jazz saxophonist (born 1961)
  • "Boney" is a well-known short-haul sea shanty. The verses generally give a reasonably accurate account of the life and exploits of Napoleon.
  • "Boney" was a dinosaur character on the Nickelodeon television series Weinerville
  • In the Game Boy Advance game Mother 3, "Boney" is a dog, and one of the playable characters throughout much of the game
  • Boney M., pop and disco group from the 1970s.
  • Hank Boney (1903–2002), Major League Baseball pitcher
  • "Boney" is also a South African slang word for a motorcycle
Boney (TV series)

Boney is an Australian television series produced by Fauna Productions during 1971 and 1972, featuring James Laurenson in the title role of Detective Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte. Two series, each of thirteen episodes were filmed.

The series is centred on Bonaparte, a half- Australian Aboriginal character, created by Arthur Upfield, who wrote twenty nine novels about him from 1929 until his death in 1964.

Boney (comics)

Boney was a British comic strip, which originally appeared in the British magazine Knockout from 1971 to 1973. The strip was printed in the very first issue of the magazine, dated June 12, 1971.

Boney is a skeleton. The strip began with a boy called Billy who went on an inane Ghost Train ride at a fair. The ride was so boring that one of the artefacts, Boney, decided to escape with Billy. The strip records the pair's adventures as they try to stop the owner of the ghost train from recapturing Boney.

Boney joined Whizzer and Chips in 1973 after Knockout merged with it and became a Chip-ite.

Usage examples of "boney".

And since Boney Rasmussen would not come to read them he, Pierce, was going to have to tell him the story, like an ancient bard, once upon a time.

These two sheets Boney filed in the pile in his lap by their dates, and took up the next.

Rosie Rasmussen had told him that somewhere in the house Boney kept a real Renaissance crystal ball, once actually used for skrying, first owned, Boney had told her, by John Dee himself, a pedigree for which Pierce would have to see a lot of evidence before believing.

Sam had not wanted so much to see Boney, in whom she took an absorbing interest, her fabulous monster.

The rattle of the rings, the shroud lifting outward on the air of its quick passage, a wing of white enveloping silence: Rosie watching it, watching Boney covered, remembered again, something she could not name.

Was it because he was afraid Boney really wanted Pierce to find a way for him to live longer?

How could it be that Boney could want life, just life, so much when she wanted it so little?

Between here and there, this mountainside and that one, came the valley of the Blackbury, where the people lived, where she lived herself, with Boney and Sam.

Not at heart a cheerful woman, stubby, strong, and loud, she had always scared Rosie, who thought Boney was afraid of her too.

The doorway was not wide enough for all of them to help Boney through it, yet it seemed certain that he would fall over if any of them let go.

Rosie thought about this, or sat anyway with it, envisioning the place in the pines that Boney meant.

The closets were surprisingly full, considering how limited had been the wardrobe Boney usually wore.

Then Pierce realized that he could not now turn toward home, but would have to go on to the cemetery, wherever it was, and help to get Boney into his closet in the earth, from which there is no exit.

Damn if each time they paused Boney had not in fact seemed to grow lighter.

He reminded her a lot of Boney, but in what way, beyond a kind of gay gravity, which Boney had lost at the end.