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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bonder \Bond"er\, n. [Norwegian bonde.] A freeholder on a small scale. [Norway]


Bonder \Bond"er\, n.

  1. One who places goods under bond or in a bonded warehouse.

  2. (Masonry) A bonding stone or brick; a bondstone.


n. 1 A machine or substance used to make a bond, or a person who uses such. 2 One who places goods under bond or in a bonded warehouse. 3 A bonding stone or brick; a bondstone.

Usage examples of "bonder".

Although he was seventeen and no longer a bonder, he did not feel much like a man.

When he was a bonder, all he had ever wanted was to own a dragon and be free.

He much preferred his trainer whites or the leather bonder pants he was no longer allowed to wear.

What if some other man, some bonder as blood-scored and smelling of blisterweed as old Likkarn, or some starship trooper, scentless and bloodless, had been buying her kisses at the baggery?

But still, we thought we were dealing with an independent-minded bonder, a hardworking loner.

He was wearing short sleeves and-though he was not supposed to-short leather bonder pants as well.

He half bobbed his head, as if a bonder to a master, and Likkam, mollified, turned back to the session.

And tonight, for the first time, I really heard about my great-great-plusgrandparents, not just bonder jokes and bonder stories.

Errikkin was already helping, having transferred his bonder loyalty to the strong-minded Kkalkkay.

Any moment now, a hen might roar, and that would wake any sleeping bonder within hearing.

The water had come nowhere near the bottoms of his thigh-length bonder pants.

He came when work was finished or on his Bond-Off, the semimonthly holiday each bonder had from the dragonry.

Every bonder knew his or her own mark, and the marks of individual dragons, but beyond that few of them knew how to read.

Recently, one bonder in a nursery on the far side of Kraickow had died that way.

After all, a bonder was supposed to be able to sleep through anything.