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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bombus \Bombus\ n. 1. bumblebees.

Syn: genus Bombus.

Bombus (disambiguation)

Bombus is the genus that includes the bumblebee.

Bombus may also refer to:

  • Bombus (software), instant messenger for XMPP
  • Bombus (band), a Swedish speed/heavy metal band
Bombus (software)

Bombus is a GPL instant messaging client for the XMPP protocol. It is written in Java, and runs on Java ME/ MIDP capable cellphones, including Windows Mobile platform with installed Java ME virtual machine, or any other platform, where Java ME is available. It can also be used on Android handheld platform, with some minor code changes. There was successful compilations of Bombus for Android.

There are also early preview snapshots of the separate project called Bombus-NG made by the same author. Bombus-NG is a native Windows Mobile XMPP client, which doesn't require the installation of .NET Framework runtime.

Bombus (band)

Bombus are a heavy metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Bombus initially signed to Mourningwood Recordings, releasing 3 singles and their debut album " Bombus" before signing to Century Media on 10 April 2013; releasing another single " Apparatus", on 6 May 2013, and their second studio album " The Poet and The Parrot" on 26 September 2013.

Bombus (album)

Bombus is the first full-length album by Swedish heavy metal band Bombus. It was released on 26 May 2010 by Mourningwood Recordings.

Usage examples of "bombus".

I think there were four species of wild bee at these early flowers, including the great bombus and the small prosopis with orange-yellow head.