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vb. (en-third-person singular of: bomb)

Bombs (song)

"Bombs" is a song recorded by Faithless, released as the first single from their fifth studio album To All New Arrivals. It features Harry Collier from Kubb. The single was released as a download on 23 October 2006 and was later released on CD and 12" on 20 November 2006, one week before the release of the album.

Usage examples of "bombs".

The revolutionary forecast that bombs might actually be carried from one country to another and dropped on cities proved remarkably prophetic.

The Zeppelin captains tried to aim their bombs at factories, bridges and railways but often found it difficult to do so accurately and many bombs hit private houses.

The German bombing accuracy was poor and their bombs often fell into civilian areas and many casualties occurred there.

Very few of the British bombs had hit their targets and the effect on industrial production had been slight.

The German civilians had shown no sign of panic at the effect of those bombs that had landed in residential areas.

While British propaganda made the most of the German bombing of English cities, the German authorities mostly kept a discreet silence about bombs falling on Germany.

Ruhr, the proportion of bombs dropped within five miles only reached one in ten of those crews reporting success.

Because bombs could not be guaranteed to hit targets such as factories or railway yards, then the Aiming Points would be chosen so that they would be certain to hit at least some part of the target city.

Their bombs would be aimed carefully with their brilliant new Norden bomb-sight in good daylight visibility.

Curtis LeMay commanded the units that dropped the first atomic bombs on Japan and, after the war, pioneered the formation of the Strategic Air Command and led it through the worst of the Cold War years.

Area Bombing, which depended upon a great weight of bombs, was not their business.

The Germans sometimes used such unconventional weapons as bombs dropped into the American formations or rockets fired from a safe distance but such methods did not achieve great success.

Flak, with the German cities merely playing the role of the unfortunate recipients of the bombs dropped by those bombers which had evaded the German defence.

It was a typical error of the early days of H2S, and Hamburg gained another reprieve when most of the Main Force dropped their bombs in the wrong place.

If a raid came, he would call upon the men in his block to fight any incendiary bombs that fell.