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n. A small or subsidiary bomb, such as one of those released by a cluster bomb.


n. one of the smaller bombs that are released from a cluster bomb [syn: cluster bomblet]

Usage examples of "bomblet".

Each bomblet released thousands of tiny bits of metal, each traveling faster than a bullet and along with these bits of shrapnel traveled burning white phosphorus.

Each bomblet contained a shaped charge that could penetrate nine inches of cold-rolled steel.

If a bomblet fell into the hole with him, well, Sparta would just need another heir to the Collins throne.

Aille realized the object had been a delayed-fuse bomblet of some sort, and had erupted after plunging into the sea.

Tully had saved their lives by knocking it off the deck, but unfortunately the bomblet had not exploded soon enough to kill the humans who had tossed the thing from their boat.

The cluster bomb opened out almost immediately and scattered two hundred more bomblets across the decimated Posleen adding insult to the masses of injury.

Their pursuer was barreling through the haze of bomblets, but the data was degrading as the other car fell farther behind.

After the canister was dropped, it would open in midair and the bomblets would disperse into an oval pattern.

Some lay sprawled, victims of the bomblets released by the first salvo of rockets.

The rocket warheads burst apart thirty meters up, showering their rain of hundreds of grenade-sized bomblets to bounce and explode and fill the air with a rain of notched steel wire.

The seven tons of armor rocked back and forward as the bomblets cascaded off its hull.

The Cheetah could send bee-bots to track and target the enemy vehicles, but the Shadow could release a fog of bomblets that destroyed the bees.

Panels in the side of the cruise missile blew out, scattering bomblets across the tarmac in a rain of death.

The second Frogfoot, just moving to the end of the runway, crumpled as bomblets exploded around it, then erupted into flame.

Secondary explosions rent the air long seconds after the last bomblets fell, sending black smoke boiling above the fueled and armed aircraft parked by the tower, from a storage hangar, and from a large fuel tank nearby.