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city in western India, from Portuguese, and popularly explained as Portuguese bom bahia "good bay," but that seems folk etymology (for one, the adjective is masculine and the noun is feminine), and the more likely candidate is the local Mumbadevi "Goddess Mumba," a Hindu deity worshipped there. The city's name officially changed to Mumbai in 1995.

Bombay (disambiguation)

Bombay is the former name of the city of Mumbai in Maharashtra state of India.

Bombay may also refer to:

Bombay (film)

Bombay is a 1995 Indian Tamil drama film directed by Mani Ratnam, starring Arvind Swamy and Manisha Koirala in the lead, and featuring music composed by A. R. Rahman. The film is centered on events that occurred particularly during the period of December 1992 to January 1993 in India, and the controversy surrounding the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, its subsequent demolition on 6 December 1992 and increased religious tensions in the city of Bombay (now Mumbai) that led to the Bombay Riots. It is the second in Ratnam's trilogy of films that depict human relationships against a background of Indian politics, including Roja (1992) and Dil Se.. (1998).

Eventually becoming one of the highest-grossing films of the Chennai film industry, the film was well-received both critically and commercially, and it was screened at many international film festivals including the Philadelphia Film Festival in 1996 where it was an audience favourite. The film's soundtrack sold 15 million units, becoming one of the best-selling film soundtracks of all time, and earning composer A. R. Rahman his fourth consecutive Filmfare Best Music Director Award (Tamil). However, the film caused considerable controversy upon release in India and abroad for its depiction of inter-religious relations and religious riots. The film was banned in Singapore and Malaysia upon release.

In July 2005, a book on the film by Lalitha Gopalan was published by BFI Modern Classics, looking at the film's production, the several issues it covered, and its impact upon release in India and abroad. The film was ranked among the top 20 Indian films in the British Film Institute's rankings. The film was also dubbed in Hindi and Telugu.The film is loosely inspired by the 1990 movie Come See the Paradise.

Bombay (ship)

Several ships have been named after Bombay (now Mumbai):

  • c. 1700 - Merchant ship of the British East India Company attacked by Kanhoji Angre
  • Bombay was a 90-foot, 24-gun grab launched in 1739 and burnt by accident in 1789 at Bombay. She was built at the Bombay Dockyard of teak from Malabar for the British East India Company's naval forces. She was the second largest ship in the EIC's Bombay Marine at the time.
  • 1742 - Sloop of the Bengal Pilot Service as a non-combatant vessel
  • 1750 - Grab armed cruiser of 32 guns
  • 1808-1870 - A 26-gun, 1228 ton armed merchantman trading with China that fought at the Malacca Straits in 1810, and was broken up in Bombay in 1870
  • 1821 - Gunboat of the British East India Company
  • 1835 - 62-tonne schooner involved in coastal trade
  • 1872-1905 - Light vessel at the outer limits of Bombay Harbour
  • Several instances of and HMIS/INS Bombay
Bombay (mango)

The Bombay mango is a named mango cultivar that originated in Jamaica.

Bombay (soundtrack)

Bombay is the soundtrack to the 1995 Indian Tamil film of the same name, directed by Mani Ratnam and starring Arvind Swamy and Manisha Koirala in lead roles. The soundtrack album includes eight tracks composed by A. R. Rahman and was released in 1995 by Pyramid. The soundtrack was released in multiple languages. The lyrics for the Tamil version were written by Vairamuthu, except for the song "Halla Gulla", which was written by Vaali. The lyrics for the Hindi version and Telugu version were penned by Mehboob and Veturi Sundararama Murthy respectively.

After its release, Bombay was a large critical and commercial success. It became the largest selling Indian album of all time, with unprecedented sales of 12 million records. The soundtrack was included in The Guardian's "1000 Albums to Hear Before You Die" list, and the song "Kannalanae/Kehna Hi Kya", was included in their "1000 Songs Everyone Must Hear" list.

Usage examples of "bombay".

The men from Calcutta, Bombay, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Aden, Peshawar and the far North saw fit to be more polite to the judge and his wife than the Moplahs might have been if left to themselves.

The damage had gone unnoticed on the short trip up the coast from Bombay, but could prove troublesome on the five-week voyage to the Andaman Islands.

Soon after Hastings received this letter, he heard that a fresh quarrel had arisen among the Mahratta chiefs at Poona, and that Baboo, at the head of a powerful faction, had declared for Ragoba, and had applied to the presidency of Bombay for assistance.

Hastings, conceiving that if the faction opposed to Baboo and Ragoba should prevail, the territories of Bombay would be in danger, proposed in council that every assistance should be given, and that an army should be forthwith sent from Calcutta and Bombay.

Bombay, after her marriage and settle in Bangalore where she currently lives with her two children.

A CREMATION Last Monday an Indian prince died at Etretat, Bapu Sahib Khanderao Ghatay, a relation of His Highness, the Maharajah Gaikwar, prince of Baroda, in the province of Guzerat, Presidency of Bombay.

I kept making my Chinese tree out of benday dots and wrong-sized photo stills from Salaam Bombay!

The best markets are still Zanzibar, the factories on the Coromandel Coast or at Bombay in the realm of the Great Mogul.

Klein had only one friend with whom he dared talk about it, a colleague of his at UCLA, a sleek little Parsee sociologist from Bombay named Framji Jijibhoi, who was as deep into the elaborate new subculture of the deads as a warm could get.

He must be the only Gujarati on the Bombay police force, Farrokh thought, for surely the local police were mostly Maharashtrians.

Bombay, this time with Lalubhai, a Gujarati gentleman closely associated with U.

The coming of Richard Canning and Diana Villiers had been a godsend to Bombay, bored as it was with the Gujerat famine and the endless talk of a Mahratta war.

Hori Hura has rum, Maple and Syrup has Cape brandy, Captain de Silva drinks oporto wine and Mrs Barrett has Bombay gin.

Steven and his three friends had spent time near Bombay, where they might have met Parsi thought and begun to develop a kind of neo-Zoroastrianism, fire-reverence with the Parsi tendency toward secrecy and an appreciation for the metaphysics of change.

Even the boys who answered bell-calls and polished the brasses and the shoes, were from Soudan or Bombay, and the stokers down in the engine-room were Seedees, black as the coals they kept flinging into those yawning red mouths, which made one think of an opening into the great pit of Hades.