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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bombastic \Bom*bas"tic\ (b[o^]m*b[.a]s"t[i^]k or b[u^]m*b[.a]s"t[i^]k), Bombastical \Bom*bas"tic*al\, a. Characterized by bombast; high-sounding; inflated. -- Bom*bas"tic*al*ly, adv.

A theatrical, bombastic, windy phraseology.

Syn: Turgid; tumid; pompous; grandiloquent.


a. (context archaic English) bombastic

Usage examples of "bombastical".

There was no flaring, no flummery, nor bombastical pretensions, but a dignified return to my obeisance, and an immediate recurrence, in converse, to the important duties incumbent on us, in our stations, as reformers and purifiers of the Church.