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Bombalurina may refer to:

  • Bombalurina (cat), character in the musical Cats
  • Bombalurina (band), a band fronted by Timmy Mallett
Bombalurina (cat)

Bombalurina is a fictional character in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats. She's a flirtatious red adult female cat with a white chest and black spots and marks.

Bombalurina plays a large role in the musical, dancing and singing several solo and duet parts. She sings "The Gumbie Cat" with Demeter and Jellylorum. She has a small solo in "Rum Tum Tugger." She also appears in "Grizabella the Glamour Cat" with Demeter again, and "Bustopher Jones" with Jennyanydots and Jellylorum. Her biggest part is "Macavity", which she sings with Demeter towards the end of the musical. (In the original version, she sings this by herself.) The song "Memory" was originally meant to be sung by Bombalurina, but was ultimately given to Elaine Paige as part of a deal to boost the role of Paige as Grizabella.

She flirts with many toms, including Alonzo, Pouncival, and Rum Tum Tugger. She especially flirts with Tugger who rejects her during his number, but later relents and dances with her at the ball. In the Broadway production, she seems to have a close relationship with Munkustrap. She is often protecting Demeter from Grizabella (whom she later accepts) and comforting her when Macavity comes around. She is also very close to Jennyanydots and Jellylorum.

The role of Bombalurina in the original London cast was originated by Geraldine Gardner. Geraldine also played the part of Sheila in the Original London Production of "A Chorus Line". In the Broadway Cast of Cats, Donna King played the role. In the film version of the musical, Bombalurina is portrayed by Rosemarie Ford.