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n. (label en music) A form of traditional drumming, and an associated form of dance, from Puerto Rico

Bomba (cryptography)
''This article is about the Polish decryption device. For the later British decryption device at Bletchley Park, see Bombe.

The bomba, or bomba kryptologiczna ( Polish for "bomb" or "cryptologic bomb") was a special-purpose machine designed about October 1938 by Polish Cipher Bureau cryptologist Marian Rejewski to break German Enigma-machine ciphers.

Bomba (Puerto Rico)

Bomba is one of the traditional musical styles of Puerto Rico. It is the mixture of the three different cultures of the Island, the African Spanish and Taino cultures. The base rhythm is played by two or more drums.

While bomba can be used as the generic name for a number of rhythms, its real meaning is about the encounter and creative relationship between dancers, percussionists, and singers. Bomba is a communal activity that still thrives in its traditional centers of Loíza, Santurce, Mayagüez, Ponce, and New York City.

Bomba (Ecuador)

Bomba or Bomba del Chota is an Afro-Ecuadorian music, dance and rum al form from the Chota Valley area of Ecuador in the province of Imbabura and Carchi. Its origins can be traced back to Africa via the middle passage and the use of African slave labor during the country's colonial period. Africans brought to labor as slaves in Ecuador brought with them this music form heavily influenced from the Bantu cultures of the Congo. The people dance in pairs to the drums and use improvisation to build relationships between the dancer and lead drummer.

This music and dance tends to have a prominent Spanish, mestizo and indigenous influence in the melodies. It could go from a mid tempo to a very fast rhythm. It is usually played with guitars along with the main local instrument which is also called bomba which is a drum along with a guiro and sometimes bombos and bongos. A variation of it is la banda mocha which are groups that play bomba with a bombo, guiro and plant leaves to give melody.

Recently it is enjoying some national exposure but outside of the Chota Valley it is mostly popular in cities such as Quito and Ibarra which have important concentrations of afro-chotan people. In these cities sometimes it is played in discothèques and has some public performances as well as popularity among mestizo and indigenous people.

The word bomba is most likely of Bantu origin.


Bomba may refer to:

Bomba (band)

Bomba are an Australian funk and reggae band from Melbourne. Led by Maltese-Australian Nicky Bomba, they are renowned internationally for their "energetic live shows and passionate performances", although they are more popular at home. They have released four albums, the latest of which is Bomba Vs. Laroz. They also feature on the CD Stir Music with the track "Hold Your Ground".

Bomba (tribe)

'''The Bomba ''', also spelled as Bambas, are a powerful tribe of Muzaffarabad District in Azad Kashmir Pakistan. They are also found in the Mansehra District of the North West Frontier Province (now Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa) of Pakistan. A few also live in Kupwara district of Kashmir.

Bomba (surname)

Bomba is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Andreas Bomba, German journalist and festival director
  • Enrico Bomba (born 1922), Italian film producer, director and screenwriter
  • Jozef Bomba, Slovak footballer
  • Nicky Bomba, Australian musician and singer
  • Ray Bomba (1907-1986), American sound editor

Usage examples of "bomba".

But Jojasta was killed before he could tell Bomba what Bomba wanted to know.

Jojasta told Bomba that he must go to Sobrinini of the Pilati tribe, beyond the Giant Cataract, and that she could tell him about his father and mother.

Doto to follow, Bomba made his way through the intervening thickets with as much speed as possible.

But they were wary, and from previous experiences of their fellows knew to what deadly effect Bomba could shoot.

Into this Bomba burrowed, crouching low so that his whole body was hidden even should the branches and foliage be thrust aside by his pursuers.

What would become of him if anything should happen to Bomba, who had so long been his reliance and defender?

Before it could recover, Bomba had pounced upon it and his sinewy hands had closed upon its throat.

But one day, when Casson fired at an anaconda that was darting at Bomba, the gun burst and laid Casson on his back, while the wounded anaconda retreated.

The lessons ceased abruptly, and Bomba became the provider and protector of the little family of two.

It was a long journey that Bomba had in prospect to reach Jojasta, but the urge to go was so strong that the lad determined to attempt it.

After beating off another attack of the head-hunters, Bomba took Casson down the river and delivered him to the care of Pipina, an old squaw for whom he had done many favors, and set out to find Jojasta.

This conclusion was confirmed when Doto dropped down from a tree, where his sharp eyes had noted all that had happened, and rubbed up against Bomba, chattering his delight.

He wanted to go along with Bomba, but the latter did not think it best.

Titans, and Bomba looked on with amazement that was transformed into an expression of delight as he recognized the last comer.

It dated from the time when Bomba had come across the puma trapped by a tree in the jungle, that had fallen upon the animal and broken its leg.