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Etymology 1 n. 1 An enclosure usually made of thorn bushes, and latterly of steel fencing, for protection from marauders. 2 A stockade made of bushes and thorns. 3 A hide. 4 A hut. 5 (context East African English) A military or police post or magistracy. 6 A type of fertilizer rich in animal dung. 7 A method of composting. Etymology 2

n. (alternative form of aboma English)


Boma or BOMA may refer to:

  • Boma, Democratic Republic of the Congo a port city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
    • Boma Airport near Boma, Congo
  • Boma, Ghana, a town
  • Boma, Guinea
  • Boma Plateau, a region of eastern South Sudan.
  • Boma State, a state of South Sudan
  • Boma Upande, a settlement in Kenya's Coast Province
  • Boma clan, living in Nigeria
  • Boma (enclosure), a rural fortress or livestock pen in Africa, from this also meaning a district government office or district center in countries which were British colonies in Africa
  • Boma, an outdoor entertainment area, usually thatched with open sides, in Southern Africa.
  • Boma, an African style restaurant in hotel Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge in Orlando, Florida
  • Boma or Borma, a character in the science fiction manga Ghost in the Shell
  • Boma, a fictional creature in the ''Star Wars '' universe
  • Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), a real estate industry group
Boma (enclosure)

A boma is a livestock enclosure, stockade, small fort or a district government office used in many parts of the African Great Lakes region, as well as Central and Southern Africa. It is particularly associated with European colonial rule. It is incorporated into many African languages, as well as colonial varieties of English, French and German.

As a livestock enclosure, a boma is the equivalent of kraal. The former term is used in areas influenced by the Bantu Swahili language, and the latter is employed in areas influenced by Afrikaans.

In the form of fortified villages or camps, bomas were commonplace in Central Africa in the 18th and 19th century in areas affected by the slave trade, tribal wars and colonial conquest, and were built by both sides in such conflicts.

Note that apart from the neatly built stockades shown in illustrations of bomas, the term in practice more often resembled the structure shown in the cartoon accompanying this article. In that form they often were referred to by the likes of J. A. Hunter and Henry Morton Stanley.

Boma (administrative division)

A boma is a lowest-level administrative division, below payams, in South Sudan. Equivalent fifth-level divisions elsewhere are described as village, block or ward. As of 2009, South Sudan's 514 payams have an average of 4.2 bomas each. The term boma originated from the town of Boma in Jonglei, the first place captured by the Sudan People's Liberation Army at the start of its 1983 insurgency.

Usage examples of "boma".

It was deserted, the boma surrounding it a withered tracery of thorn, thinned out by wind and sand so that it looked like dannert wire.

Every one of those centauroids was carrying a monomolecular boma blade.

Flows together with the Sangha and the Likouala and then into the Congo, which empties into the Atlantic Ocean between Boma and Soyo.

On either bank bomas trembled ready to collapse their spiky branches, while masses of clingweed parted only in response to blasting on a high-pitched whistle.

In one of these bomas, perhaps this very one, my mother died under the weight of her sorrow.

Most of them had dispensed with shotguns and railguns and missile launchers and were dragging out their boma blades even as the fire of the remaining suits piled up windrows of bodies.

The four remaining starships of the Boma group fly in a tight fommation and dive between the tall towers near the exhaust port.

The Boma is a fur-covered creature about five feet high and looks like a cross between a brown bear and a guinea pig.

Pilot Leader and Boma Four dive in unison through a forest of radar domes, antennae and gun towers.

Suddenly, a dense barrage of laser fire erupts from a pro- truding tower, catching Boma Four broadside.

Boma Five and Boma Three bob and weave in formation toward a group of giant towers at the north pole.

The group of centaurs had forced their way through to the remnants of Charlie company and broken the center by the simple expedient of swarming the suits with their boma blades.

They had salvaged Posleen boma blades and were using them to clear the trees off the road.

It was a most primitive camp, as they had no equipmentjust rude shelters, a makeshift boma, and a fire.

Within the vast thorn boma also are the various tribes of the Minunianseighteen-inch people with a high order of civilization, living in their complex, beehive like homes, fighting their savage wars on a miniature scale.