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Bolu is a city in Turkey, and administrative center of the Bolu Province. The population is 131,264 (2012 census). The mayor is Alaaddin Yılmaz ( AK Party) since local elections in 2004.

Bolu is on the old highway from Istanbul to Ankara, which climbs over Mount Bolu, while the new motorway passes through Mount Bolu Tunnel below the town.

Bolu (electoral district)

Bolu is an electoral district of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. It elects three members of parliament (deputies) to represent the province of the same name for a four-year term by the D'Hondt method, a party-list proportional representation system.

Bolu (album)

Bolu is the third studio album by British musician Tom Rosenthal. The album name is Tom's nickname for his eldest daughter.