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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bolis \Bo"lis\, n. [L., fr. Gr. ? missile, arrow, fr. ? to throw.] A meteor or brilliant shooting star, followed by a train of light or sparks; esp. one which explodes.


n. A meteor or brilliant shooting star, followed by a train of light or sparks; especially one which explodes.

Usage examples of "bolis".

Paris had stepped away from Lekket and Bolis, and had his phaser raised as well.

His fingers on a pendant around his neck, Bolis pressed a button and spoke.

The Edesian commodore's alter-ego, Bolis, spoke from across the bridge.

Janeway looked back to Tuvok, only to find Bolis hovering over the Vulcan's tactical console.

Janeway twisted toward tactical and hit Bolis with a glare that could ignite driftwood.

Lekket and Bolis shared a glance, the commodore shaking his head continuously.

She glanced at Bolis a moment, who was poring over one of the back consoles, then looked to her officer.

She pulled herself up, noticed Lekket was having to do the same, and turned to see Tuvok helping Bolis to his feet.

He pointed out a graph, Janeway and Bolis both watching over his shoulder.

As Bolis rose behind him, Tuvok checked one readout, then another, and a last screen just to be sure.

Janeway hesitated on the ladder as she asked her question, and Bolis's tone was pleading.

The only worry for her was what Bolis wanted in return for his generosity.

Janeway stepped onto the Ops deck, having left Bolis's disrupter back on the station.

Lekket turned, looked at Bolis, then at Janeway, as he registered her presence and, perhaps, her new posture more hardened than before.

She wanted to glance up at Bolis as well, to get some sort of visual reading on his opinion of Lekket's submission, but she resisted.