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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Boletus \Bo*le"tus\, n. [L. boletus, Gr. ?.] (Bot.) A genus of fungi having the under side of the pileus or cap composed of a multitude of fine separate tubes. A few are edible, and others very poisonous.


n. An edible type of mushroom.


Boletus is a genus of mushroom-producing fungi, comprising over 100 species. The genus Boletus was originally broadly defined and described by Carl Linnaeus in 1753, essentially containing all fungi with pores. Since then, other genera have been defined gradually, such as Tylopilus by Petter Adolf Karsten in 1881, and old names such as Leccinum have been resurrected or redefined. Some mushrooms listed in older books as members of the genus have now been placed in separate genera. These include such as Boletus scaber, now Leccinum scabrum, Tylopilus felleus, Chalciporus piperatus and Suillus luteus. More recently, Boletus has been found to be massively polyphyletic, with only a small percentage of the over 300 species that have been assigned to Boletus actually belonging there and necessitating the description and resurrection of many more genera.

The name is derived from the Latin term bōlētus 'mushroom' from the Ancient Greek βωλιτης, ultimately from bōlos/βωλος 'lump' or 'clod'. However, the βωλιτης of Galen is thought to have been the much prized Amanita caesarea.

In Lithuania and Poland Boletus is called "the king of mushrooms".

Usage examples of "boletus".

The gills separate easily from the cap, and in this it is similar to the Boleti, where the tubes separate also with ease.

They probably have no name - no country name, I mean, though the naturalist will always recognize them in the boletus edulis of Linnaeus.

A BOY: Arsenic or poisonous mushrooms: death cup, sickener, jack-o'lantern, fly agaric, Satan's boletus?