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n. (context dated West Midlands originally boxing English) the nose.


Boko may refer to:

  • Boko alphabet, a Latin alphabet used for the Hausa language
  • Boko (Burkina Faso), a town
  • Boko District, in the Pool Region, Republic of the Congo
  • Boko (Final Fantasy) or Boco, a fictional character in the video game series Final Fantasy
  • Boko Haram, a terrorist group in West Africa
  • BOKO a German machine tool company
  • Boko the Bobcat, a mascot of the athletic teams of Texas State University

Usage examples of "boko".

I number several authors among my acquaintancethe name of Boko Fittleworth is one that springs to the mindand they invariably become all of a doodah when they read a stinker in the press about their latest effort.

English can be traced to the Middle Dutch boek, or beech, and to the Germanic boko, a beech staff on which runes were carved.