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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Boke \Boke\, v. t. & i. To poke; to thrust. [Obs. or Dial.]


vb. (context ambitransitive UK dialectal English) To thrust or push out; butt; poke.


Boké is the capital city of Boké Prefecture within the Boké Region of Lower Guinea near the border with Guinea-Bissau. It is also a sub-prefecture of Guinea. Located along the Rio Nuñez which flows to its not-too-distant mouth on the Atlantic Ocean, Boké is a port. It is known for the Fortin de Boké museum, formerly a slave fort. The town is served by Boké Baralande Airport. As of 2014 the city and surrounding sub prefecture had a population of 61,449 people.


Boke may refer to:

Boke (woreda)

Boke is one of the woredas in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. Part of the Mirab Hararghe Zone, Boke is bordered on the south by the Shabelle River which separates it from the Bale Zone, on the southwest by Darolebu, on the northwest by Habro, on the northeast by Kuni, and on the east by the Galetti River which separates it from the Misraq Hararghe Zone. The major town in Boke is Boke Tiko.

Coffee is an important cash crop of this woreda. Over 50 square kilometers are planted with this crop.

Boke was selected in 2006 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as an area for voluntary resettlement for farmers from overpopulated areas. Along with Darolebu and Kuni, Boke became the new home for 3308 families.

Usage examples of "boke".

As for Boke, he must have been unaffected by whatever killed those men.

But no, when Sultman learned what Boke planned, he decided to get in ahead of Boke and put the plan through himself.

Sidney Lorrey started violently, for the utterly pleasant voice of the fantastic Boke was in the room.

Lorrey, his interest in the mysterious Boke greater than his own agony, listened intently for some sound of a man leaving the other room, but there was no such noise.

The door he was making for was the one which led into the room from which Boke, the mysterious man with the voice of joy, had spoken.

Doc Savage and the others more about the mysterious Boke than all they had learned prior to that moment, for the ejaculation was in a different tone, and the alteration showed that Boke had been speaking in a disguised voice.

The name of Boke did not seem unknown to the individuals he called, and when the pleasant Voice requested their presence, at a conference aimed at their own good, most of them agreed.

Every one present had pretended to read the missive, but Boke knew that some of the big shots could not read a word, and he did not want to embarrass anybody.

Boke--and was disgusted when he discovered that the individual who must be Boke was effectively disguised by a flying suit and a muffler tied across his features.

But their reluctance was not too strong, and it was evident in a subtle way that Boke would win their aid.

So, as Boke suddenly discovered, thorough defense mechanism had been installed.

I delivered my boke to the Lord Threasorer for the correction of the Calender.

Francis Pucci cam and browght Chrisan Franken with him, who, he sayd, had now recanted his wycked boke against Christ, wherof I was glad.

Extractiones Dunstani, which he himself extracted and noted out of Dunstan his boke, and the very boke of Dunstan was but cast on the bed hard by from the table.

Talbot or that lerned man, his own writing in my boke, very unduely as he cam by it.