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Etymology 1 a. (context South Africa slang English) keen or willing. Etymology 2

interj. The clucking sound of a chicken.


See boschbok

Bok (lunar crater)

Bok is a lunar crater that is located on the far side of the Moon. To the southeast is the crater Sniadecki; to the north is McKellar, and further to the west is De Vries.

The rim of Bok is well-defined and is not significantly eroded. The inner walls slope gently down to the nearly level interior floor, which has a central peak near the midpoint. There is a slight inward bulge along the northwest wall.


Bok or BOK may refer to:

  • BOK (gene), full name BCL2-related ovarian killer
  • BOK Financial Corporation, headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma
    • Bank of Oklahoma, a subsidiary
  • Bok, an animated gargoyle from the Doctor Who serial The Dæmons
  • Bok is a Dutch/Afrikaans word for an antelope
  • Bok is a Turkish word for faeces
  • South Africa national rugby union team, known as the Boks or the Springboks
  • The Brand New Monty Python Bok, a book by Monty Python
  • Body of knowledge
  • Bank of Korea, the S. Korean central bank
  • Title of the Vahnatai leaders in the Avernum video games
BOK (gene)

Bok (Bcl-2 related ovarian killer) is a protein-coding gene of the Bcl-2 family that is found in many invertebrates and vertebrates. It induces apoptosis, a special type of cell death. Currently, the precise function of Bok in this process is unknown.

Bok (Martian crater)

Bok is a crater in the Oxia Palus quadrangle of Mars, located at 20.8° N and 31.7° W. It is 7.1 km in diameter and was named after a town in New Guinea.

Bok is famous for showing clear evidence that it was affected by floods of water from Maja Valles on Mars.

Bok (surname)

Bok is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Bart Bok, astronomer
  • Chip Bok, American cartoonist
  • Christian Bök (born 1966), Canadian experimental poet
  • Curtis Bok (1897–1962), Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice
  • Derek Bok (born 1930), American lawyer and president of Harvard University
  • Edward W. Bok (1863–1930), publisher and author
  • Francis Bok (born 1979), Dinka tribesman and abolitionist
  • Bok Geo-il (born 1946), South Korean novelist
  • Gideon Bok (born 1966), American painter
  • Gordon Bok (born 1939), folklorist and singer-songwriter
  • Hannes Bok (1914–1964), pen name of Wayne Woodard
  • Hilary Bok (born 1959), author and professor of philosophy
  • Sissela Bok (born 1934), philosopher and ethicist

Usage examples of "bok".

Everyone in his original group took shelter there, with Resolute, Banausic, Bok, and Kerrigan sharing the watches.

After our meal, my hosts walked with me about the bok, showing me the work of men variously occupied at fletching, armoring, currying, cutling and other military crafts.

Various broccolis, bok choys, celery cabbages, round cabbages, and kohlrabi are rendered delicious with a light mince or a few shreds of ginger.

Last he could recall, he had left Kerrigan with Trawyn, Oracle, Bok, and Rym to try to get inside the ward ring and find the DragonCrown fragments.

Yes, Bok and Rym were there, but the dragon remained in his box, and Bok squatted in the shadows, saying nothing.

Before he left the chamber, Rym Ramoch had instructed Bok to bathe and clothe Kerrigan after the young mage ate.

Bok squatted with him at his left side, and Rym Ramoch, in a new scarlet robe, stood on his right.

I want to sit down by myself with a big bowl of popcorn, I want to watch closed-captioned TV, I want to clap the Koss headsets around my ears and feel the vibrations of Beethoven and Smetana and Gordon Bok.

O, ik vindt het heerlijk: ik heb mijn ezelwagen en mijn ezel en ik heb mijn bok, en ik zou het wanhopig vinden als ik naar kostschool moest.

Father Lemoyne and Bok, the astronomer, are also people I know, composites of many people I have met and worked with over the years.

He even convinced himself that he saw the mound of rubble marking their buried base shelter, where Bok lay curled safely in his bunk.

The third member of the team, the astronomer Bok, is frightened to move out of the safety of their underground shelter.

Neither Lemoyne nor Bok is a stereotype eitherwhich leads us to the next point.

I believe the only sense I did not make use of is taste, although Bok mentions that he tasted the water melted from the ice that Father Lemoyne had unwittingly brought to their shelter.

Bok stood beside him, holding an unrolled parchment out in view while Dendybar poured a smoky liquid from a beaker over a white feather and chanted the runes of the spell.