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A bojort is a type of ship first used by the Dutch to transport in the shallow canals in the Netherlands and Flanders. From the 17th to 19th century, Kristinehamn was Bergslagen's most important shipping route. The iron from Bergslagen was transported over Vänern to the oceans via Gothenburg. Because of this, Kristinehamn got a royal charter in 1642 from Queen Christina of Sweden's guardian regency and to remind the people of the importance of the shipping, a bojort was included in the coat of arms, which today can be seen in the coat of arms of the Kristinehamn Municipality. Vänersborg Municipality's coat of arms also features a bojort.

Vänern details.png|Detail map of Vänern with surroundings |Christine af Bro, a modern bojort Municipality's coat of arms Municipality's coat of arms