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Bojana (river)

The Bojana or Buna ( or Buna; Montenegrin and Serbian: Бојана, Bojana) is a 41 km long river in Albania and Montenegro which flows both into the Adriatic Sea. An outflow of Lake Skadar, measured from the source of the lake's longest tributary, the Morača, the Morača-Lake Skadar- Bojana system is 183 km long.

Bojana (given name)

Bojana ( Slovenian: Bojana; Macedonian and Serbian Cyrillic: Бојана; Russian and Bulgarian Cyrillic: Бояна; transcribed Boyana) is a Slavic given name. It is feminine version of name Bojan derived from the Slavic noun boj "battle". The name is mainly used within the area of Southeastern Europe.

People named Bojana:

  • Bojana Jovanovski, a Serbian tennis player
  • Bojana Novakovic, a Serbian-Australian actress
  • Bojana Radulović, a Yugoslav and Hungarian handballer
  • Bojana Popović, a Montenegrin handballer
  • Bojana Atanasovska, a Macedonian pop singer and songwriter
  • Bojana Bobusic, an Australian tennis player
  • Bojana Panić, a Serbian fashion model and an actress
  • Bojana Ordinačev, a Serbian actress
  • Bojana Živković, a Serbian volleyball player
  • Bojana Janković, a Serbian basketball player
  • Bojana Stamenov, a Serbian singer and musician
  • Bojana Milošević, a Serbian basketball player
  • Bojana Vulić, a Serbian basketball player

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