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Etymology 1 n. 1 (eye dialect of bird from=NYC English) 2 A computer simulation of an animal that flies in flocks or swarms. Etymology 2

n. Any member of the family ''Boidae'' of non-venomous snakes.

  1. Redirect Boidae

Usage examples of "boid".

It was confronted by Boron, Kyot, Boidi, and Porcelli, while Solomon hurled stones at it, muttering curses in his holy language.

There were the Cremonese with Bishop Sicardo, the men of Brescia, of Verona with Cardinal Adelardo, and even some Alessandrians, including old friends of Baudolino like Boidi, Cuttica of Quargnento, Porcelli, Aleramo Scaccabarozzi known as Bonehead, Colandrino the brother of Colandrina, who was therefore a brother-in-law, and also one of the Trotti men, Pozzi, Ghilini, Lanzavecchia, Peri, Inviziati, Gambarini, and Cermelli, all at their own expense or supported by their city.

Perhaps, Boidi suggested, he had taken a different route, had encountered the White Huns, God knows what he had told them, those probable idolaters, and he was convincing them to attack the kingdom Porcelli, Cuttica, and Aleramo Scaccabarozzi known as Bonehead, who had taken part in the founding of Alessandria and thus gained some knowledge of construction, had got it into their heads to convince the inhabitants of the province that four well-built walls were better than their pigeon roosts, and they had found some giants whose trade was scooping out those holes in the cliff, but were willing to learn how to mix concrete mortar or shape bricks of clay and put them in the sun to dry.

Oh, I write like a boid, Dees said, and offered a smile he hoped looked good-humored and warm.

Bird, boid, boyd, however you wish, for we are winged in our natural state.

She kept expecting to hear bird come out of his mouth as boid, heard as hoid, but she guessed that was only because she’d spent so much time with Eddie.

She kept expecting to hear bird come out of his mouth as boid, heard-AS hoid, but she guessed that was only because she'd spent so much time with Eddie.

At the grating you set a guard, and when the enemy arrives, they have to emerge one by one, and as each comes out, the guard fells him'' "And the enemy are all stupid and they keep coming out, not noticing that those ahead of them are dropping like figs," Boidi snickered.

So, discussing it with Guasco, Boidi, and Oberto del Foro, he took care to provide a credible Saint Peter.

They came upon Boidi, the Alessandrian, who by now had become one of their group.

Frederick separated himself from the main body of the army, with his ten armed men, Baudolino, the Poet, Boron, Abdul, Solomon, and Boidi, who was dragging Zosimos on his chain.

Who will believe the testimony of a little bastard like you, forgive the expression, of a drunk like me, of a Jew and a schismatic, of three wandering clerks, and of Boidi, who, as an Alessandrian, more than anyone else had every reason to hate Frederick?

Now there were Baudolino, the Poet, Boron, Kyot, Abdul, Solomon, and Boidi.

But perhaps they went on also because Boidi had got it into his head that, reaching the goal, they would stock up on wondrous relics (and not fakes like the Baptist's heads) and take them back to their native Alessandria, transforming that city, still without history, into the most celebrated shrine in Christendom.

Thank God, we have provisions with us and don't have to eat those disgusting animals, Boidi said, with great relief, but he was mistaken, because a year later they would catch lizards even more repellent and, skewering them on twigs, they would roast them, as their mouths watered, waiting for them to be done.