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n. a village near Enniskillen, Northern Ireland


Boho may refer to:

Boho (Interactive)

Boho (interactive) are an Australian science-theatre performance ensemble based in Canberra, Australia. The ensemble were established in 2001, and currently include dramatists Jack Lloyd, David Finnigan, and trombonist Michael Bailey. Finnigan has been resident writer for the Manila theatre company Tanghalang Pilipino, and co-director for the Crack Theatre Festival, part of This Is Not Art Festival in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

The ensemble have performed and conducted residencies at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Belconnen Arts Centre (Canberra), the Brisbane Festival under the Radar Fringe, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation ( CSIRO), Manning Clark House, the National Multicultural Festival, the Powerhouse Museum, and The Street Theatre (Canberra).

Usage examples of "boho".

Another night shot and no way for him to get back at Madding for bewitching him, or at her little crowd of boho friends for making fun of him every chance they could.