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Bohai (渤海) may refer to the following:

  • Balhae, a former mixed Korean-Mohe empire which existed from 698 to 926 in Manchuria, known in Chinese as Bohai. Balhae's original name was the Jin State (진국, 震國), and it was founded by Dae Jo-young, a Goguryeo general.

Usage examples of "bohai".

The larger of the two was the Bohai Haixia Strait, a tube of water forty nautical miles long and six miles wide at its narrow throat.

In the northern Bohai Haixia Strait, at the channel entrance, a large force of attack vessels was stationed.

He had put a token surface force at the throat of the wider Bohai Haixia Strait, at the exit of which the Shaoguan was positioned.

Most go east in the Bohai Haixia Strait, but we send a few south to the Miaodao Strait.

The dots were the twelve other ships of the task force, all steaming one behind another along an eleven-kilometer by two kilometer racetrack, pacing back and forth over the deep channel through the Bohai Haixia.

Tien, we have detected twelve submerged contacts in the Bohai Haixia Strait.

By 1920 Beijing time the thirteen ships of the northern task force were destroyed and on the bottom of Bohai Bay.

Other than the contours of the land to the north and south, the screen was empty in the Bohai Haixia Channel.

Sunk by torpedoes and cruise missiles from the submarines in the Bohai Haixia.

Those torpedoes and missiles could have been launched from the mouth of the Bohai Haixia before the submarines went into the south passage.

Turn immediately and proceed at maximum speed to the western mouth of the Bohai Haixia and begin an active sonar sweep of the channel to the east.

To the southwest and southeast, the ships of the task forces were heading north to the Bohai Haixia Strait, as if abandoning the southern passage and coming to help the carrier scour the Haixia.

CHAPTER 30 MONDAY, 13 MAY 1143 GREENWICH MEAN TIME bohai haixia strait USS tampa 1943 beijing time The noise of the explosions was loud, even through two inches of HY-80 high-yield steel hull plating.

The corpse of the Shaoguan came to rest on the bottom of the deep passage of the Bohai Haixia Strait.

CHAPTER 32 MONDAY, 13 MAY 1204 GREENWICH MEAN TIME bohai haixia strait USS seawolf 2004 beijing time Lieutenant Tim Turner was able to grab a rung of the ladder on the way down, preventing himself from falling the distance down to the deck below, but breaking his fall sprained an ankle and dislocated his shoulder.