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Boge may refer to:

  • a slang for Cigarettes

Bogë may refer to:

  • Boge, Gotland, a settlement on the Swedish island of Gotland
  • Bogë, Kosovo
  • Bogë, Albania

Usage examples of "boge".

Why, most of d'Land's difficulties are due to the unwise trade agreement she entered into with Boge.

But the tractors are on their way to Croanie, a world under obligations to Boge.

 In fact,  until  Bogey  Seven  Delta  failed  to  make  turnover on time, it appearedthat humanity wouldagain win its  gamble and prevent any escape from Carratyl.

 I want  all  the  time  I  have  to nail that bogey at the foldpoint.

 In order  to  cut  off  the  bogey,  they  would  be going  in  at  twenty  gravities,  and  even  then,  would  not  slow  down  to  system  escape  velocity  before  they reached the foldpoint.

 The space  between  them  and  the  bogey filled  with  ordnance  andDiablo  ’s  defensive  computer  fired  lasers  as  quickly  as  they  recharged.

 Then, a bright  light  appeared  at  the  point  where  radar  painted  the  bogey.

Tant de maulx faitz par moyen se grand Roge Saintz simulacres tremper en ardent cierge De frayeur crainte ne verra nul que boge.