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Boga is a common name for fishes and may refer to:

  • Haemulon vittata
  • Haemulon vittatum
  • Leporinus obtusidens

Boga may also refer to:

  • Boga (soft drink), a Tunisian brand of soft drinks
  • BOGA, the Bern Botanical Gardens in Switzerland
  • Boga (noisemaker), from the Philippines
  • Boga (Star Wars), a Varactyl from the Star Wars universe
  • Lake Boga, Victoria, a postal district
Boga (noisemaker)

The boga or PVC cannon is a noisemaker popular during New Year celebrations in the Philippines. Use of the device has been banned by the Philippine government since 2006.

Originating from the province of Cavite, the device is made from a length of pipe of substantial diameter mated to a toy gun. Denatured alcohol is squirted or sprayed into the pipe's breech end and ignited by the toy gun's trigger mechanism which is connected to a piezo igniter or by putting small fire. The combination of air and alcohol in the pipe's enclosed space when ignited by a spark from the trigger mechanism or by small fire causes the fuel-air mixture to combust, resulting in a loud, booming sound.

The first prototype is made from segmented tin cans connected with packaging tapes or electrical tapes and cut PET bottles(which is still used) and later design is made of PVC pipes. Other modifications of boga are introduced such as firing round projectiles which can be used as a weapon and pet bottles as breech end.

Boga (soft drink)

Boga is a brand of Tunisian carbonated soft drinks, produced by the Société de Fabrication des Boissons de Tunisie (SFBM). The name "Boga" is the contraction of the French words for beverage "Boisson" and carbonated "Gazeuze". Boga is commercialized under 4 different flavors.