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Boel may refer to:

  • Boel, a variation of the female name Bodil
  • Böel, a municipality in the district of Schleswig-Flensburg, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Usage examples of "boel".

En ze hoort natuurlijk een heele boel slechts van me door mama en tante en de nichtjes.

Among them are the angels Orifiel, Ophaniel, Zabkiel, Jophiel, Ambriel, Tychagar, Barael, Quelamia, Paschar, Boel and Raum.

Cuckoospit, a magician with horses, had forgotten polite usage for rheum, if he ever knew it, in five draughty years in the TolboothNeal boels cornusHuit moutons tondusSept chiens courantsSix Ii~vres aux champsThese figures, he knew, were the grotesques in the bestiary.