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Boeck may refer to:

  • August de Boeck (1865–1937), Flemish composer, organist and music pedagogue
  • Cæsar Peter Møller Boeck (1845–1917), Norwegian dermatologist born in Lier
  • Carl Wilhelm Boeck (1808–1875), Norwegian dermatologist born in Kongsberg
  • Christian Peder Bianco Boeck (1798–1877), Norwegian doctor, zoologist, botanist and mountaineer
  • Erna Boeck or Erna Steinberg (1911–2001), German track and field athlete who specialised in sprinting events
  • Eugen von Boeck (1823–1886), German educator and scientist who lived in Chile, Peru and Bolivia
  • Glen De Boeck (born 1971), Belgian former football player and manager
  • Johann Boeck (1743–1793), German actor
  • Jonas Axel Boeck (1833–1873), Norwegian marine biologist
  • Marcelo Boeck (born 1984), Brazilian professional footballer