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init. 1 Bank of England 2 Basis of Estimate 3 Barrel of oil equivalent, a unit of energy 4 The IATA airport code for the airport in Boundji, Colombia 5 Board of Education 6 Binds on Equip 7 Boletín Oficial del Estado, Official Gazette of the Spanish Government. 8 Based on experience, mentioned in job offers where compensation is to be negotiated. 9 Buffered Oxide Etch, a mixture of ammonia and hydrofluoric acid used to isotropically etch silicon oxide in microfabrication


may refer to the following:


''' Boé ''' is a commune in the Lot-et-Garonne department in southwestern France. It stands on the voie verte cycle path between the Mediterranean and close to Bordeaux.

Boe (surname)

Boe is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alfie Boe (born 1973), English tenor
  • Archie R. Boe (1921–1989), former president of Sears, Roebuck and Co. and Allstate Insurance Co.
  • Christoffer Boe (born 1974), Danish film director and screenwriter
  • David Boe (born 1936), American organist and pedagogue
  • Eric Boe (born 1964), United States Air Force fighter pilot Colonel, test pilot and a NASA astronaut
  • George Boe (born 1985), Liberian footballer (midfielder)
  • Jason Boe (1929–1990), American optometrist from Oregon
  • John Boe (born 1955), New Zealand former rugby union footballer and a current coach
  • Mathias Boe (born 1980), Danish badminton player
  • Morten Boe (born 1971), Norwegian athlete who competes in compound archery
  • Nils Boe (1913–1992), American politician who served as the 23rd Governor of South Dakota from 1965 to 1969
  • Randall Boe (born 1962), was General Counsel for AOL
  • Roy Boe (1929–2009), owner of the New Jersey Nets, New York Islanders, and several other professional sports teams
  • Tracy Boe, North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party member of the North Dakota House of Representatives

Usage examples of "boe".

Lage bomen, scheefgegroeid door de constante zeewind, waren bedekt met een goudgroen waas en op de akkers waren boeren aan het ploegen, ondanks het grauwe en koude voorjaar waarvan iedereen de Vesuvius de schuld gaf.

The two-engine Boeing 767 had no trouble flying to a cruise altitude of just over seven and a half miles in the sky.

A modified Boeing 707, it carried extensive mission avionics packages for long-range targeting information and identification.

Gwydion auf und sprang vor die Boten hin, umwirbelt von seinem scharlachroten Mantel.

York Center, Boeing eight nine five Papa is with you, passing flight level two six zero for flight Jevel two four zero.

Boeing 727 that had gone missing from Luanda, Angola, had been stolen by or for a Russian arms dealer by the name of Vasily Respin either for parts to be used by one of his enterprises or to be sold to others.

Boeing 777 produce 50,000 horsepower, the equivalent of about 200 Porsches.

The Airbus A330 and the Boeing 777 are almost identical in length and wingspan, but the Airbus has winglets, and the end of the fuselage on the 777 looks like a flathead screwdriver.

The Airbus A320 has tiny up-and-down winglets at the end of its wings, and the end of the fuselage extends out longer behind the tailfin than in the Boeing airplanes.

NASA, Boeing, and the Air Force Research Laboratory have been working on a concept called the active aeroelastic wing.

But although an Airbus jet pilot cannot override these limitations, a Boeing 777 pilot can in an emergency.

Boeing or Airbus may or may not install these items for the airline, depending on the contract.

Today, much of the tail assembly on the Boeing 777 and parts of the wings and tail on some Airbus aircraft are made from composites.

Boeing and Airbus are hard at work shaping the future of commercial flight.

I was glad when we turned off onto South Myrtle, a short street nestled between Boeing Field and the Duwamish Waterway.