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A bodach (; plural bodaich "old man; rustic, churl, lout"; Old Irishbotach), is a trickster or bogeyman figure in Gaelic folklore and mythology. The bodach "old man" is paired with the cailleach "hag, old woman" in Irish legend.

Usage examples of "bodach".

The Sage had sent them there to find a druid named the Silent One, who was to guide them to the city of Bodach, where they were to seek an ancient artifact known as the Breastplate of Argentum.

For that matter, they did not know what the Breastplate of Argentum looked like, either, and Bodach was the worst place in the world to search for anything.

Legend had it there was a great treasure to be found in Bodach, but few adventurers who went in search of it ever managed to return.

Located at the tip of a peninsula extending into one of the great inland silt basins, Bodach was a city of the undead.

Added to that, he had to find an ancient magic talisman before the elfling did, and to do that, he would have to search for it in Bodach, a city teeming with undead, while at the same time maintaining observation of the elfling and the priestess.

If he learns that we are bound for Bodach, he might be tempted to join us and search for the legendary treasure.

At the southernmost end of the silt basins, a peninsula extended from the narrow band of land that separated the basins from the Sea of Silt, and at the tip of that peninsula, far removed from civilization, lay the ruins of Bodach, the city of the undead.

And when they left for Bodach, he would go along with them, claiming that it would be insanity for them to refuse his help in such a place, and that they owed him at least that much for having come to their aid.

As you approach the plaza, you see that it is littered with hones, the skeletons of adventurers just like yourselves who came to Bodach in search of the lost treasure and found, instead, their deaths.

You must find a place of refuge, for before long, the streets of Bodach will be crowded with undead, searching to satisfy their lust for living flesh.

I say we must deal with the city of Bodach on its own terms, and not with what we think the gamemaster may have in store.

A share of the lost treasure of Bodach, even if it were just a small share, would insure my comfort in my final days.

The druid called the Silent One went to Bodach and returned nearly a century ago.

If this is any indication of how things will go in Bodach, we should all be rich before long.

If anyone could find water in the dry wasteland between Salt View and Bodach, Kara could.