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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Boa \Bo"a\ (b[=o]"[.a]), n.; pl. Boas. [L. boa a kind of water serpent. Perh. fr. bos an ox.]

  1. (Zo["o]l.) A genus of large American serpents, including the boa constrictor, the emperor boa of Mexico ( Boa imperator), and the chevalier boa of Peru ( Boa eques).

    Note: The name is also applied to related genera; as, the dog-headed boa ( Xiphosoma caninum).

  2. A long, round fur tippet; -- so called from its resemblance in shape to the boa constrictor.


n. (plural of boa English)


Boas might refer to:

  • Boidae, snakes
  • Boas' sign, pain below the right shoulder

Usage examples of "boas".

I found the chapter on boas and the fellow who wrote it said that no boa ever took to the water.

Not only were the sacred boas worshiped, but those remarks showed that the women feared something dreadful would happen if the serpents died.

North, among Typhoons and Hurricanoes, Jungle and Swamp, Alligators and Boas, Indians and Spaniards, till fetching up in Perth Amboy in the company of a certain Roaring Dot, belle of the Harbor.