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n. A department of Nicaragua


Boaco is the capital city and municipality of the Boaco Department of Nicaragua. The municipality of Boaco has a population of 56,985 (2015 est.) and an area of 1,086.81 km² (26% of the Boaco Department) while the department (state) is 4,177 km2.

The city of Boaco, with a population of approximately 19,000 (2006 est.), is located in the mountains 88 km. east of Managua. Boaco is called "Ciudad de Dos Pisos" (The Two-Storey City), nicknamed by Dr. Armando Incer Barquero. The city's only two flat places are El Parque (Park) and the baseball field.

Usage examples of "boaco".

On the main screen ahead of him, the twelve-planet system of Boaco grew steadily in size.

The rebels are greatly feared by the planet of Boaco Eight, the only other habitable world in the system, which alarmed by signs that the sixth planet may be building a space fleet, seeks Federation protection.

True, Boaco Six promised to be an exciting world, one of great beauty, famous for its food, music, friendly inhabitants, and cultural traditions.

You've studied the Boaco Six situation in-depth, as you'll be accompanying us on this mission.

Truth be told, he was less interested in hearing about the council's new laws than in seeing what life underneath those laws was like for the people of Boaco Six.

On Boaco Six, light was the life force, the river running through each person, binding him to his world.

And I am aware that the Federation gave funds and military aid to the former rulers of Boaco Six, men of little moral virtue.

The Federation reports had said that, though the oldest of the leaders of Boaco Six, Mayori was the most radical, the most distrustful of the Federation.

He wondered, even if what they had seen was typical, if a system of such laxity could survive if the counterrevolutionary movement, which brewed in some parts of the planet, was to gain force, supplied by either the Federation or Boaco Eight.

But they are very similar in structure to the vast temple ruins on Boaco Eight.

And obviously, that depends on whether we think it's to the Federation's advantage to have good relations with Boaco Six.

While we have been hosting you here with trust, Irina, our minister of relations with Boaco Eight, was on a mission to that planet.

They're going to devote more energy to it, appoint a more important ambassador to Boaco Eight … there's going to be a general shakedown.

The Enterprise has returned to Boaco Six, in an attempt to capitalize on the restored trust and court the revolutionaries out of the Klingon-Romulan camp.

Mayori, the one old member of the Council of Youngers, shut his eyes and began to wail and chant in the ancient language of the people of Boaco Six.