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init. 1 (context linguistics English) 2 (context Internet English) bouncer 3 Brasenose College (Oxford, UK)


BNC may refer to:

BNC (software)

A BNC (short for bouncer) is a piece of software that is used to relay traffic and connections in computer networks, much like a proxy. Using a BNC allows a user to hide the original source of the user's connection, providing privacy as well as the ability to route traffic through a specific location. A BNC can also be used to hide the true target to which a user connects.

Usage examples of "bnc".

Ayla held her spear ready to hurl as well, but even at a gallop she rode with an easy, effortless grace that was the result of practice, and her initial training of the horse that had been unintentional, bnc felt that many of her signals to the horse were more an extension oi thought than an act of guidance.