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The Collaborative International Dictionary

BMW \BMW\ n. any automobile manufactured by the German firm BMW AG (from the German Bayerische MotorWerke); -- sometimes referred to colloquially as a beemer. [abbrev.]


n. A motor car manufactured by this company n. (German) Bayerische Motoren-Werke (Bavarian Motor Works), a manufacturer of motor vehicles.

  1. redirect BMW

This handles somebody who types bmw in lower case which gets translated to Bmw

BMW (disambiguation)

BMW is the German manufacturer Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (otherwise known as Bavarian Motor Works).

BMW may also refer to:

  • Biodegradable municipal waste
  • Bomwali language's ISO language code
  • Best Man Wins, a 1948 film directed by John Sturges, and based on a story by Mark Twain
  • Boy Meets World, a television series produced by The Walt Disney Company

Usage examples of "bmw".

The jacaranda trees that lined the long curved driveway were in full flower, like a mist bank of pale ethereal blue, and there were at least two dozen cars parked beneath them, Mercedes and jaguars, Cadillacs and BMWs, their paintwork hazed with the red dust of Matabeleland.

The BMWs and Jaguars were owned by the younger, more upwardly mobile people.

All the BMWs and Mercedes had gone off with their yuppies in the eternal search for more.

Polished and chic, they were Mercedes and BMWs and Jaguars, and Chloe Zanders was a.