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abbr. 1 (context computing English) 2 (context computing English), persistence form of 3 (context computing English) file extension used by a bitmap image file 4 (context US English); management practices to prevent or reduce the pollution of waters in USA and Canada.


'''BMP ''' may refer to:

Usage examples of "bmp".

BMPs moved rapidly, mud and grass being churned by their treads, to surround both.

We can realign-"The coaxial gun of the lead BMP opened fire, the stuttering yellow muzzle flash stabbing out of the night.

He expected to find another company of reconnaissance vehicles, closely followed by a heavy advanced guard of tanks and BMPs.

Then two caterpillar-tracked BMP infantry carriers, squat and green and heavily armoured, appeared behind the scout car.

A BMP rolled gruntingly, cautiously past the foyer, passing a parked staff car.

With the aiming dot of his sight reticle laid on the center of mass of the enemy BMP, now moving around the burning hulk of the first BMP that Kozak had engaged, the gunner hit the laser range finder button, watched for a return, and then fired.