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BML is a three letter acronym that could mean:

  • Backup Mission Load
  • Bank of Maldives Limited
  • Battle management language
  • Belfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad
  • Better Markup Language
  • Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana
  • Big Mouth Loud, a Japanese professional wrestling promotion
  • Biham–Middleton–Levine traffic model
  • Bill Me Later
  • Bingley Music Live
  • Bramhall railway station
  • Brighton Main Line
  • British Monarchist League
  • Broadcast Markup Language
  • Oilfield terminology for "Below the Mud Line" depth used in deepwater drilling

BML may also refer to:

  • The IATA code of Berlin Regional Airport (originally Berlin Municipal Airport) in Berlin, New Hampshire, USA
  • The postal code of Bormla, Malta