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The Collaborative International Dictionary

BM \BM\ n. an abbreviation for bowel movement; -- used as an informal euphemism, especially in hospitals. [informal, abbrev.]


n. 1 bowel movement 2 (l en black metal) vb. To make a bowel movement.



BM (album)

BM is the fifth studio album by Berlin-based musician Barbara Morgenstern. "Driving My Car" is sung in German, English and Polish, while it is the first Barbara Morgenstern album to include full English translation of all her lyrics in the sleeve notes. The album also features a collaboration with former Soft Machine drummer Robert Wyatt. One EP, Come To Berlin Mixes, was taken from the album - the song's lyrics are critical of city planning politics in Berlin.

Usage examples of "bm".

Pleased, she used me, and began teaching me things never mentioned in my four rarefied BMS years filled with enzyme kinetics and zebraic diseases.

Cailetet and other BMs have indicated through back-channels that they will not support your proposal.

There were more embargoes against bigger BMs, and some folded into each other, facing pernicious exhaustion of funds—bankruptcy.

They were platinum names indeed: the top four BMs, except for Sandoval, and fifteen others, spaced around the Moon, including Nernst and Cailetet.

Three representatives had already taken their seats - interestingly enough, they were from Cailetet, Onnes and Nernst BMs.

As you know, I have been meeting with the syndics of the twenty largest Mars-based BMs for the past few months to put together a proposal for Martian unification, working behind and around the Council.

So more and more I distracted myself by taking consulting jobs away from Olympus Station, meeting with syndics and managers from other BMs, trading vague probes of intent with regard to the future shape of Martian economics and politics.

They were professors of theoretical physics from the University of Icaria, an independent research school funded by six BMs.