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n. (plural of blush English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: blush)

Usage examples of "blushes".

The fraternal love, the delight beaming upon those two beautiful faces, with a slight shade of confusion on that of the sister, the pure joy shining in the midst of their tender caresses, the most eloquent exclamations followed by a still more eloquent silence, their loving looks which seem like flashes of lightning in the midst of a dew of tears, a thought of politeness which brings blushes on her countenance, when she recollects that she has forgotten her duty towards a nobleman whom she sees for the first time, and finally there was my part, not a speaking one, but yet the most important of all.

I extend a daring hand towards her person, and by an involuntary movement she withdraws, blushes, her cheerfulness disappears, and, turning her head aside as if she were in search of something, she waits until her agitation has subsided.

Her complexion was flawless cream, making her blushes all the more telling.

It was the blushes that gave them away, because Jason was now wearing one, too.

And actually it thrilled her that he was-and started her blushes all over again.

Her artlessness, her vivacity, her eager curiosity, and the bashful blushes which spread over her face whenever her innocent or jesting remarks caused me to laugh, everything, in fact, convinced me that she was an angel destined to become the victim of the first libertine who would undertake to seduce her.

I thought the idea a grand one, and the little fellow, in spite of his blushes, begged her to say how he had offended.

I could not be ignorant of the source of those blushes which added a fresh attraction to her youthful charms.

The pleasure she felt shewed itself in her blushes, and when she came into the drawing-room she was asked if she had been fighting, which made her blush still more.

In three years she had grown into a perfect beauty: she knew it, and by her blushes as she spoke to me I knew she was thinking of what had passed between us in the presence of my housekeeper.

Reserve your blushes for the pictures of that society of courtesans where love is an article of commerce, where kisses are paid for in advance.