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vb. (en-third-person singular of: blurt)

Usage examples of "blurts".

Straightening up in his wheelchair, Professor Berkowitz weakly but joyously blurts the benediction on good news.

Astonished, Yossi blurts, "Sir, have you lost contact with Danny Matt?

He blurts without thinking, "Sir, about that tank accident, I visited the parents of the driver and loader this morning.

It is late morning in Northern Kansas and they have been riding since dawn, mostly in silence, but Ned has something on his mind and he glances at Munny and frowns and then finally he blurts his question.

Something's bothering him, and finally he blurts it out as he climbs into his own blankets.

Dixon rather blurts, ignoring Maskelyne's efforts to show polite astonishment by raising one eyebrow without also raising the other, "and Mr.

At the close of which the Priest unhelpfully blurts, "(Celibacy of course being ever strictly enjoin'd.

Armand almost blurts back, "The Duck is excellent," but wagering it is a religious question, replies, "I see the Duck seldom of late.

His mouth is quivering too, he knows he'd better shut up but he blurts, "Yes.

Then the urgency overtakes him and before she can say anything beyond hello, he blurts the rest in desperate haste.

She blurts, "There's this lady at the beach who says you were out there when those people got hurt.

But he is so enamored by Mish that he blurts out, “Yes, hundreds of birds.