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n. (label en mostly US military) (acronym of bottom line up front lang=en dot=): used to indicate a set of conclusions and recommendations at the beginning of some text, in order to facilitate rapid decision-making.

BLUF (fetishism)
BLUF (communication)

A BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) is a paragraph where the conclusions and recommendations are placed at the beginning of the text, rather than the end, in order to facilitate rapid decision making. Traditionally, conclusions and recommendations are included at the end, following the arguments and considerations of facts. The concept is not exclusive to writing; it can also refer to conversations and interviews.

A BLUF differs from an abstract or executive summary in that it does not necessarily summarize the arguments or evidence included.

The term is common in US military writing.


BLUF may refer to:

  • Balochistan Liberation United Front
  • BLUF (fetishism) – Breeches and Leather Uniform Fanclub, a fraternal homosexual leather organization
  • BLUF (communication) – an acronym for bottom line up front
  • BLUF domain, a protein domain that senses blue light

Usage examples of "bluf".

It was clear that she had given up any hope of bluffing her way out of this one.

Khouri began to entertain the idea that maybe the entire thing had been a bluff after all.

If you can't be sure that her threats are genuine, you might be tempted to call her bluff.

She crossed the road to the edge of the bluffs and moved out to where she could see the frozen expanse of the Rock River.

In Oregon, where he would make his preparations, the heat was driven inland by the breezes off the ocean, and the coastal bluffs and forests west of the Cascades stayed green and cool.

He knew it was somewhere close by and that it was a cave the elements and time's passage had hollowed into the side of the bluf f s that ran along the ocean beaches.

Robbington admitted they could have gone farther down the beach to an easier descent and then walked back, but he thought Ross ought to experience something of the feel of bluffs if he was going to be writing about their features.

It was cut sideways into the rock where the bluff formed a horseshoe whose opening was littered with old tree trunks, boulders, and broken shells.

Revealed for what it was and stripped of its disguise, the demon's ruined shell went backward over the bluff and tumbled from view.

Beyond , along the ridge of the bluffs ahead , right toward Riverside Cemetery, and left past the toboggan slide, the bare trunks and limbs of the broad-leaves were framed like dark webbing against the steely sky.

The slide ran down from the top of the bluff to the edge of the bayou, where it opened onto the ice.

The roads were plowed , and she trudged to the nearest and followed it on toward the edge of the bluffs.

They were closing on the bluffs overlooking the bayou, where the cemetery ended at a chain-link fence set just back from the cliffs.

She could still see Bennett as a five-year-old , standing at the edge of the cliffs atop the bluff at the turnaround , feeders gathered all around her, cajoling her, urging her on, taking advantage of the fear, doubt, and sadness that suffused her life.

Murphy realized there was nothing for it but to bluf the whoe thing out.