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a. (alternative form of blue-skies English)

Usage examples of "blue-sky".

Arlie had run off somewhere, leaving me in charge, and from my vantage behind the counter, located in an anteroom whose walls were covered by a holographic photomural of a blue-sky day in the now-defunct Alaskan wilderness, and furnished with metal tables and chairs, all empty at that juncture, I could see colored lights playing back and forth within the bar, and hear the insistent rhythms of a pulse group.

We blue-skied it from time to time, but no one ever had an idea that felt like the real deal, or even close.

In this gray, beclouded, chilly land, where the bleak, restless wind bends low and razes to the ground everything that standing alone would lift up its head, less rude anguish is suffered nevertheless than among the sunny, luxuriant, blue-skied hills of my beautiful native land.

Still, to go this blue-sky at this earlyish stage of their space program-It looks like betting the store.

Still, to go this blue-sky at this earlyish stage of their space program—It looks like betting the store.

But it does say 'wizard,' so you're obviously in software development and you sure as hell don't work on the AS400 if you're walking around dressed like that So you gotta be blue-sky and if you're here, that means edutainment and that,”.