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blue tit

n. (taxlink Cyanistes caeruleus species noshow=1), a small bird of the tit family Paridae, with an azure blue crown and dark blue line passing through the eye and encircling the white cheeks to the chin.

blue tit

n. widely distributed European titmouse with bright cobalt blue wings and tail and crown of the head [syn: tomtit, Parus caeruleus]

Blue tit (disambiguation)

Blue tit may refer to:

  • African blue tit, Cyanistes teneriffae
  • Eurasian blue tit, Cyanistes caeruleus
  • Blue tit, Chliaria kina (synonym Hypolycaena kina), a species of butterfly
  • Blue tit, a plum cultivar. It is a cross between Czar plum and Old Green Gage

Usage examples of "blue tit".

The common blue tit is loved by everyone until it steals the cream off the milk.

Birds - songthrush, chaffinch, great tit, blue tit, jays and many, many more - flew from branch to branch or dived into the undergrowth in search of food.