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n. (context UK MLE slang English) Informal address to a male.


Blud, one of the Slavic fairies in Slavic mythology, is an evil-deity that causes disorientation and leads a person aimlessly around and round. The term also refers to illicit fornication, the desire for which Slavic clerics claimed to come from the Devil.

Usage examples of "blud".

Big bludy room wi aw these wee beds and coutches an things, an these wimin on them, only the wimin arnae hole.

I askd them whare the kween an her gold wiz, but aw a got wiz mair bludy jibberin.

No, no he sez, splutterin sumthin awfy and gettin blud all ovir ma new curiearse, no he sez I sed Isle of the Dead.

No a bludy soul abowt, no even wun aw those bubblin basturts chained to the waws or anyhin.

  Toe much good blud was spilt in courtin and marryin that hily respectable female the Goddess of Liberty, to git a divorce from her now.

  I'm thinkin' of the sea of good rich Blud that has been spilt on both sides in this dredful war!

  And if wuss cums to wuss I'll shed ev'ry drop of blud my able-bodied relations has got to prosekoot the war.

  He kills everybody he takes a noshun to in kold blud, and then goze to sleep in his tent.

I sed to a man who was drivin' a yoke of oxen, "this is where our revolutionary forefathers asserted their independence and spilt their Blud.

  It hung in thi air, wingz spread beetin like somethin feersly crucified, shaken thi ded bird in its talons so that itz blud spatterd in my Is.

  Roarin ears, flashin Is, sikniss in ma stumik, coppery tayst ov blud in ma mouf.

He absorbed the next redoubled, blind fight as the Shadow Master tried to bludgeon Against his undignified need to cry out, the Mad Prophet held stoa fast, until the corded tension under his hands dissolved throug~ spasm of transition.

Swathed like a sausage in his salt-fusty clothing, Dakar blud geoned through fogged wits to listen.

Stolen knives flashed between angry faces, and ott~,~ ti~~s brandished bludgeons.

Still brandishing his bludgeon, Caolle glanced past his shoulder as if he expected another assault from behind.