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Blu (Monica's Gang)

Blu (Bidu) is a character in the Brazilian comic strip Monica's Gang, created in 1959. He was the first character created by Maurício de Sousa, along with his owner Franklin (Franjinha). The character appears in the logo and is the mascot of Mauricio de Sousa Produções, the company founded by Sousa to release his works.

Blu is the only character who appears in two different kinds of stories. In one, he is a normal dog, owned by Franklin, who fears taking baths (but is invariably forced to take them by Franklin), does anything in exchange for a bone, and plays around with the other dogs from the neighborhood. In the other type of stories, he is a director-actor of his own stories, is highly personified ( walking with two feet behind the sets, and walking like a normal dog when acting), and is famous for the strips in which he talks to objects, especially the rock called Mrs. Stone.


Blu or BLU may refer to:

  • Blu Cantrell (born 1976), American singer
  • Blu (artist), a visual artist
  • Blu (comic strip character), a character from Monica's Gang
  • BLU (company), a manga production company
  • blu eCigs, a brand of electronic cigarette owned by Imperial Tobacco
  • Blu (rapper), a rapper from Los Angeles, California
  • Blu Products, a mobile phone manufacturer
  • David Blu (born 1980), American–Israeli basketball player
  • Quadra Blu, a character from Max Rep comics
  • Blu (Rio), a fictional Spix's Macaw in the film franchise Rio
  • BLU, acronym for Builders League United, a playable gaming faction in Team Fortress 2
  • Bomb Live Unit (as opposed to Bomb Dummy Unit), an acronym used for several American bombs, including:
    • BLU-43 Dragontooth
    • BLU-82
    • BLU-97/B Combined Effects Bomb
    • BLU-109 bomb
    • BLU-116
    • Mark 84 bomb or BLU-117
Blu (rapper)

Johnson Barnes (born April 15, 1983), better known by his stage name Blu, is an American West Coast rapper and producer from Los Angeles, California. Following the success of his 2007 debut album, Below the Heavens, Blu was named HipHopDX's "Rookie of the Year". Since then, Blu has released six full-length albums. In September 2011, he released the album Open, his 4th solo project. His fifth solo studio album Good to Be Home was released on May 20, 2014 by Nature Sounds.

Blu (artist)

Blu is the pseudonym of an Italian artist who conceals his real identity. He was born in Senigallia. He lives in Bologna and has been active in street art since 1999.

Usage examples of "blu".

With a groan, she rolled over, determined to force thoughts of Blu from her mind.

Delana needed to get out of town, and Blu fully intended to be the one to see that she did.

If such punishment were legal, Blu would be the first in line to volunteer to wield the tar brush.

Staring up at him with eyes still heavy with sleep, she jerked away from his hand, opening her mouth for what Blu assumed would be a blood-curdling scream.

The dresses Blu Cahill had purchased for her were the first tangible proof of how her life was about to change.

How would Blu react when he found out she had no idea how to run a household?

Rather than being filled with worries about her surroundings, her mind buzzed with thoughts of the often puzzling, sometimes frustrating, yet always fascinating Blu Cahill.

As she looked over to where Blu had crouched to douse the fire for the night, her heart did a strange little flip in her chest.

Not too old for Blu, definitely available, and more disturbing, experienced.

She tucked the money Blu handed her into a small metal cash box, which she kept in one of the desk drawers, then held out a key.

Excitement at the prospect of living with Blu under one roof, with no one around for miles.

Her muscles aching with fatigue, she dug through the trunk Blu had placed at the foot of the bed, and pulled out a set of sheets.

How one man could talk so much mystified Blu, but his aching ears and spinning head were a small price to pay.

Wondering at the reason for such a cool reception by the local lawman, Blu studied the shorter man, noting his wiry but well-muscled build and the nervous twitching of the fingers on his right hand.

Raw and primitive need had assailed her, need she sensed only Blu could appease.