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n. (plural of blowpipe English)

Usage examples of "blowpipes".

His face became a mask, the skin drawn tightly over the bones, the eyes like refulgent globes of amber, the wide lips parted a little to show those fanglike foreteeth that humans usually did not notice, reminders that even the peaceful Nyssomu had been in their time hunters who went equipped with more than blowpipes and spears.

There, surrounded by his gleaming beakers, flasks, retorts, and blowpipes, he could avoid the empty conversations and frivolous pursuits of the Polite World.

Pekit men was gathered with their spears and blowpipes and sheathed mandau blades.

It was another axiom of his philosophy that non-combination safes have keys, that most keys are in the possession of the owners of the safes, and, therefore, that the plodding felon who finds it necessary to pack nitroglycerin and oxyacetylene blowpipes in his overnight bag is usually deficient in strategic genius.

Xemahoa, but they may not be around to call themselves anything for very much longer, in spite of the incredible last stand of their tribal shaman, their Bruxoa last stand not conducted with bows and poison arrows and blowpipes however!