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  1. adj. having been inflated [syn: blown-up(a), blown up(p)]

  2. as of a photograph; made larger; "the enlarged photograph revealed many details" [syn: enlarged]

Usage examples of "blown-up".

While I was cleaning closets the next day, I found a present Paula had given us the year before, a blown-up snapshot of Dante and me on our wedding day, decoupaged to a rectangle of wood.

They even found, in his living quarters, a blown-up photoprint picture of Nevil Ormm, draped in black.

We remembered half a dozen granola Green Berets, staggering onto a hippie bus at three in the morning wearing scuba gear and carrying a blown-up motorcycle.

Blown-up photographs of oil derricks and of the Turner Valley field decorated the stairs and from wooden-partitioned offices on the second floor came the clatter of typewriters and the more staccato clacking of a tape machine.

As soon as the kid had gone, Chippy tore the paper off the roll and I could see it consisted of four or five huge blown-up photographic prints, but he did not open them out, contenting himself with little squints at each corner, and I could see nothing.

A blown-up aerial mosaic of the Castle of Death and the surrounding country was produced from a riling cabinet and laid out on the desk.

Oh, I knew I could count on the harbor master: they don't like blown-up ships clogging their channels.

Standing at a desk spread with blurry blown-up photos, Peled waved a magnifying glass.

If you blow up a federal courthouse, the feds build two to take its place-one to replace the blown-up one and one just to rack up each and every black ass that gets busted through the front door.

If you plan to graduate as wingmen a week next Friday, you're going to fly that blown-up bedsheet every inch of the way around the course that's been mapped out for you, and you're going to bring it back in one piece.