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The Collaborative International Dictionary

blowing \blowing\ n. 1. processing that involves blowing a gas.


blowing \blowing\ adj. prenom. 1. windy.

Syn: blustering(prenominal), blusterous, blustery, gusty.


n. The act of one who blows, or that which blows. vb. (present participle of blow English)


n. processing that involves blowing a gas

Blowing (album)

Blowing is the third studio album by Japanese band Tokio. It was released on March 25, 1996. The album reached seventh place on the Oricon weekly chart and charted for six weeks.

Usage examples of "blowing".

Ged veered the boat once more, thinking he had run his enemy to ground: in that instant it vanished, and it was his boat that ran aground, smashing up on shoal rocks that the blowing mist had hidden from his sight.

Percussion gives a dull sound or if there are large cavities, it is hollow, and auscultation elicits the amphoric sound, as of blowing into a bottle.

Susan bending over her fire, blowing at it with expanded cheeks and, between her puffs, scolding at her father, first, for having got wet, then for having stayed wet, and now for being still wet, was to David just as charming as any of the other and milder apotheoses of the Susan he had come to know so well.

In the mysterious manner of explosions, it sucked the navigator downwards, while blowing the astrodome, and the wireless operator standing under it, out into the night unharmed.

Pan had meant to kill him by blowing out the airlock in the bacterial separation lab.

The movement stirred the pieces on the table, and Barr covered them quickly to keep them from blowing away.

The companions opened fire in unison, the barrage of lead blowing holes through the wings and forcing it back.

Sharp, piercing eyes appeared from beneath, beastlike men with bushy, unkempt beards stood straight up out of the snow, raising their cloaks over their heads and shoulders and shaking the powder off, stamping their feet to bring feeling back to their frozen members, blowing puffs of vapor on their hands and rubbing their dry, cracked palms together.

They drew rein to the right, and so rode in a little cloud of dust along the Strand Street towards London town, with the breeze blowing merrily, and the sunlight shining as sweetly and blithesomely as though they were riding to a wedding rather than to a grim and dreadful ordeal that meant either victory or death.

The bloomery roaring with fire, the clank of iron bars, smoke smutting the air, flecks of bright dust blowing into the thatch of the furnace-house how these raised my spirits!

Pope, in the center of the picture, who is talking with the bonnetless Doge--talking tranquilly, too, although within twelve feet of them a man is beating a drum, and not far from the drummer two persons are blowing horns, and many horsemen are plunging and rioting about--indeed, twenty-two feet of this great work is all a deep and happy holiday serenity and Sunday-school procession, and then we come suddenly upon eleven and one-half feet of turmoil and racket and insubordination.

American girls just arrived on big ships took care of their chaperons and gazed with interest at the passing show, especially at the magnificent Arabs who appeared to float rather than walk, looking neither to right nor left, their white burnouses blowing behind them.

For some reason, instead of blowing out his light, they merely busted him over the head with a .

It has an affinity for dense foliage, which has the power of accumulating it, when lying in the course of winds blowing from malarious localities.

The wretch screamed through a ruin of splintered teeth, blowing bloody froth from his mangled lips.